Paddock Lake preparing survey of village residents

A survey of Paddock Lake residents to determine their opinions about various issues and satisfaction with village services is being planned by village elected officials and staff.

What should be in the survey was discussed by the Village Board at Tuesday’s committee of the whole meeting.

“I really think it’s an important tool for us to get feedback from our residents,” said village administrator Tim Popanda. “The last survey supplied information the village found useful.”

The village last surveyed residents in 2013. It received a 26 percent response rate, more than double what is considered an acceptable response rate. said village President Terry Burns.

On Tuesday, the board had a draft survey for discussion purposes. Some of the items that will likely be included are:

  • Support for and use of the Community Library.
  • Feelings about the existing use of golf carts on village roads.
  • Support for continuing mosquito spraying.
  • Feelings about quality of life and appearance of the community.
  • Support for donating surplus funds to a non-profit organization to support the July 4 holiday fireworks.

If ultimately approved by the board, the survey would likely be sent out with the quarterly newsletter in March, said Popanda.


  1. Join says:

    Number One question should be, Should we start a committee to do research into merging with Salem Lakes? Look outside the box folks!

  2. SM says:

    Why would we want to merge?

  3. Mill rate says:

    Paddock is nearly double.

  4. good point but says:

    @mil rate: Good point, but let’s see what happens for Silver Lake. So far, no promised tax relief for people who live there. Efficiencies of scale always seem like a good idea, but don’t always drop to the bottom line like you would expect. It seems to me that Paddock Lake is being better managed than Silver Lake was, mostly due to PL having an administrator, so improvement of services is not a big advantage. Salem Lakes would likely want to acquire all of the Higway 50 frontage in Paddock Lake current and future village limits so it would seem Paddock Lake should have some leverage in a merger deal. But the only big advantage is going to be financial, and i think the verdict is out on that. So I am open to considering it, but we can see what happens with Silver Lake before plunging in, or even putting it in a survey.

  5. Kale Dolfin says:

    Stay independent Paddock Lake.

  6. Good point? You bet! says:

    The mill rate for the new Village of Salem Lakes was projected to go up slightly with the absorption/consolidation with Silver Lake. Silver Lakes mill rate was projected to go down, considerably.

    For 2018 both communities still have separate budgets and mill rates. Going forward into 2019 they will become one and all will be the same.

    Finding actual mill rates as they sit today would require calls to the Villages concerned but as of the 2015/2016 budgets for Salem, Silver Lake and Paddock Lake and the balance of Kenosha county, they can be found in the study done by the consolidation committee headed by Mike Ullstrup on page 21. The link to that study as found here on westofthei is below.

    The slides from the presentation are available here.

    The mill rates in that study are; Paddock Lake – $7.10 Silver Lake – $6.30 Salem – $3.80

    You can see that Salem’s was virtually half of Paddock Lakes. Can’t imagine why similar results wouldn’t be the same.

    As for your sentence; “Salem Lakes would likely want to acquire all of the Highway 50 frontage in Paddock Lake current and future Village limits” shows a complete misunderstanding of what a merger would entail.

    A merger of Salem Lakes and Paddock Lake would require one or the other to give up the government and be absorbed by the other, ALL of it.
    Seems fitting that it would be Paddock Lake that would cease to exist as a government.

    Yes you get to keep your name, like Silver Lake did. And Trevor and Wilmot and Camp Lake. Just that you will save money. And that’s what it’s all about and nothing more. It’s not a power grab by anybody on anybody else. Just a consolidation of redundant government. Look at the map on the same study on page 11. It would just be a squaring off of the village map.

    And no Brighton and Randall are not next.

  7. Join says:

    Salem Lakes will have one mil rate for the whole village in 2018. Hopefully it will be the tax savings promised to what was the old village. Combined governments equals huge savings.

  8. good point but says:

    I think you are the one that doesn’t understand what a merger would entail. Undoubtedly, there will be things to negotiate, especially if the merger is done as a boundary agreement like with Salem and Silver Lake. In fact, a merger by two villages may have to be done that way. The Highway 50 frontage would be valuable to the combined municipality so, yep Paddock Lake will have some leverage to get some concessions it may want in the agreement. As for the taxes, maybe you’re right. Let’s see it happen first with Silver Lake.

  9. good point but says:

    @join: Note your use of the word “hopefully.” I’m just saying, let’s see. Then Paddock Lake residents can make an informed decision.

  10. Stay Seperate says:

    Please stay independent…

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