No contests in most Western Kenosha County municipalities for local offices

Most local municipalities in Western Kenosha County will see no competition on the ballot for local offices.

Only the incumbents filed nomination papers to be on the April 3 ballot by the 5 p.m. Tuesday deadline.

Here is a rundown by municipality:

  • Randall — Supervisor #2: Robert Gehring. Supervisor  #4 Mark Halvey.
  • Paddock Lake — Trustees Barbara Brenner, Robert Spencer and Gloria Walter.
  • Bristol — Trustees Ruth Atwood and Carolyn Owens.
  • UPDATE Jan. 3: Twin Lakes — Trustees Jeremy Knoll, Barbara J. Andres, Thomas E. Connolly

Paris, Brighton and Wheatland have no municipal elections this spring.


  1. Kale Dolfin says:

    I’d be interested to find out the party affiliation of each of these candidates.

  2. These are non partisan offices.

  3. Kale Dolfin says:

    Everyone is a partisan in 2017.

  4. Two options. says:

    Ask each at the next meeting.

    Or check to see if they signed the Walker recall petition.
    That will tell you a lot.

  5. Matt says:

    @Kale Dolfin- Does party affiliation even matter? If so, why? I don’t think for local elections it matters much, as long as they’re not thugs or thieves.

  6. Kale Dolfin says:

    That’s a fair question.

    For me, it certainly matters. Why? Because I want to make certain to do what I can to keep anyone left of center away from the reigns of power, no matter how small or local the office may be.

    I moved away from the city to escape leftist governance and policymaking, and the thugs and thieves which leftist governance and policymaking attracts and creates. I want to make sure that I don’t play a role in recreating that problem elsewhere by inadvertently voting for or otherwise supporting the wrong candidates.

    Given that the signatures on the Recall Petition are a matter of public record, it provides a valuable tool to help us identify political leanings when party affiliation is otherwise not publicized or deliberately kept quiet.

  7. Matt says:

    @Kale Dolfin – Then we are on the same page! And I agree 100%

  8. Petition signer? A measure? says:

    Petition signer? A measure? There are lots of ways to determine just how a candidate will deliver. By party is not a true measure. The best way is for you to call and talk with the candidate. or message them on facebook or email them. Just about all have some sort of public media outlet. If they dont, or if it is a stagnated page without any answers that will tell you something as well. If a page is filled with other people’s posts and ideas but no commentary, then question that. Can the candidate think for themselves? Or do they just try to give you an idea that they know what is going on because they can share or repost an article? Keep in mind that any of these individuals have little control over the outcome of any agenda issue. And votes can only be made on agenda issues. They only get one vote. They can however act to get that agenda changed or the issue to the forefront and if it fails then that later gives you the info you need for the next election. Did they take steps to affect the agenda in the legal method? Most municipality websites have their minutes posted and if you havent been able to attend a meeting, this is a help, although it is over a month old in some cases and is after the fact. Of course, attending a meeting and talking with others in the audience and the officials too prior to the meeting about this and thats about the candidate that is in office is a god tool at our disposal. Asking questions on the public pages and waiting for the answer will be a clue. If they answer and you like the direction, then great for you. If they dont answer, then lack of responsiveness in not a good thing and is not deserving of your vote. About those who have no record, it is a little harder but doable. On this very media outlet there has been in the past a video or Q&A so keep watch. The Kenosha News also does an analysis a week prior to election (so early voters miss out) . Be aware of any meet and greet that is presented and then meet them. Again, a call and a telephone interview could help you a lot but YOU need to do your own homework in the question preparation. If you show your tilt n questions those questions could be met with answers that will be swayed in that direction. If at a meet and greet, listen to what is said to others. Does it change when you ask the same/similar question? Do you like what you hear or not? Do a search of the Kenosha News and of this epaper. See what was posted in the past. How many times have they run? Win? Lose? Do a google search and a Bing search on their name. See what has been posted. If you have some questions, pose them to the editors directly. Maybe those questions will be asked of the candidates. You do need to be prepared. Do you know what the operational budget is of your community? Do you know what services that udget covers? Do you today, know the trustees/supervisors? Do you know what committees are in place? Do you know how those people are added to the committee and what they have suggested to the boards? Do you know the difference between your village or town or county? And how they interact? How involved are they with the community? How often do they attend meetings? If they are in office, they should attend all of them. If they are not in office, they should be attending meetings as an audience member to learn. If you live in a town, do you call it a city or a village? Right now, if you had to call the municipality that you live in, would you know where to call? And if you had a problem with your street do you know whose jurisdiction it is in? What I notice in this news article is that there is a municipality missing where there is a contest. There is a separate article but in my opinion should be entered here. I do have a caution regarding opinions. You first need to know the point of view of that person giving you an opinion. Do your homework on vetting that opinion giver. Just finding that opinion giver engaging and smiling is not sufficient. Realize that there are some issues that the municipality does not have the control over. If you are an DUI issue person, then watch out for your judges and know that local municipalities dont have much control over that. The State does, so bear that in mind. If you are into the marijuana issues, then again, that is a State issue and not local. If you are concerned about the schools, then that is not a municipal issue; that is a school board issue and you need to investigate how the school boards for your school districts are acting. Good luck on that as they are the most secretive and control the largest amount of your tax money. If you have questions about any entity that you belong to via districts, just look at your tax bill. If you dont know what each line item is on that, homework in in your near future. If you dont get a tax bill, or you have questions on it, the County Clerk is the first to contact and your local treasurer the second call. Recalls are basically a usurping of the voters. It can occur so late in the term, by law, that the recall will have little impact but will consume time and effort that could be given to finding and promoting a great candidate for the next election. And a recall will often not change the issue that triggered the recall in the first place. Most recall signors in this state were opposed to Act 10. Do you know what Act 10 was about? Do you know the impact of Act 10 to you specifically and to your taxes secondarily? Do you know who those signors are and what their political bent is? Do you know how they themselves would be affected? What their gain would be in recalling? Have fun. Lastly, the best way to have a say is to run for office. Next petition signing will be in December 2018. Are you ready?

  9. Kale Dolfin says:

    @ Petition signer? A measure? – Thank you for your insight.

    For myself, I don’t find speaking with a candidate to be very useful, because candidates can and do say anything they like in order to get elected.

    So I never pay any attention to what candidates say. I only pay attention to what they actually do, like signing an inappropriate recall petition for instance.

  10. Petition signer? A measure? says:

    Not speaking directly with a candidate cheats you and them of the opportunity to speak without a flyer or hoard around them. Just one on one and you’ll know if you are being lied to if you have done your homework. Depending solely on a petition is limiting your data intake. The tools are available to people to learn a lot about the candidate. Have you taken the time to find out if you are in a Red or Blue conclave? Regarding the “DO” when it comes to State Level, you understand that the concept of BILLS with several issues are in the grouping and one large issue may far outweigh a small issue (even tho it is large and personal to you) . I hope people take the time to do homework on the political games in the area! 36 hours

  11. Petition signer? A measure? says:

    actually over 48 hours

  12. Kale Dolfin says:

    Nah. In addition to the public record of the Recall Petition signatures, there is also public voting records, public policy records, public Facebook accounts, has the candidate been seen engaging in activist antics, and so on. What they actually do is what is important to me.

    What they say is less than meaningless to me.

    But I do thank you for your insight.

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