2017 Twin Lakes Professional Police Association “Shop With A Hero” coverage (PHOTOS)

/Submitted photo via Twin Lakes Professional Police Association

The 14th year of the Twin Lakes Professional Police Association’s “Shop With A Hero” event tool place Saturday.

This year 24 kids were taken shopping with the help of heroes from the Twin Lakes Police Department (dispatchers and officers), Twin Lakes Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and Randall Volunteer Fire Department.  Each student was selected by staff from Randall and Lakewood schools to participate in the event.  The selected children were given $200 to spend while shopping with a police officer, emergency dispatcher, firefighter or EMT at Walmart in Lake Geneva.  The children bought gifts for their entire family and themselves.  Family and friends of the heroes and community members also participated in the event by helping wrap presents after the children were done shopping.

The police association wishes to thank all the local businesses that donated to the event to make it possible.  Major donations were made this year from the Genoa City Lions Club, We Back the Badge, and Lake Geneva Walmart.

Driftwood Restaurant located at 25 Lance Dr in Twin Lakes, hosted a pizza party for all the Hero’s and Children’s family after the event.

Here are some more photos from the event:

/Earlene Frederick photo

/Earlene Frederick photo

/Earlene Frederick photo

/Submitted photo via Twin Lakes Professional Police Association

/Submitted photo via Twin Lakes Professional Police Association



  1. Kale Dolfin says:

    What an awesome program!

  2. Kale Dolfin says:

    I also wish there was a program where police officers would drag race citizens at Union Grove Dragaway or the Wilmot Racetrack, in order to develop a rapport with older teenagers and young adults. I think it would be really beneficial.

    And how fun would it be to drag race a squad car!

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