Salem Lakes to pursue developing growth plan

Salem Lakes Village Board members expressed support for pursuing a strategic plan for growth at its regular monthly meeting Monday.

Board members speaking about the matter said they would want to see all hamlets and potential commercial corridors along Highway 50 and Highway 83 addressed.

“I think what we need to start the thought process,” said Trustee Bill Hopkins.

Village administrator Patrick Casey said he has had some preliminary talks with the village’s designated planner about such a study and he will now get further details and return to the board for direction. Potentially, the board might have to hire a different firm for the task.

“I think it’s a great idea that we move it forward,” said Trustee Dan Campion.

“We’ve talked about it enough,” said Trustee Mike Culat. “Time to get it done.”

Trustee Laura Francart, who is the Village Board member on the Park Commission, said some work for future park planning needs is already underway by the commission.



  1. Kale Dolfin says:

    As soon as I saw the Wilmot sign on C coming into Wilmot from the West, changed to a Salem Lakes sign, I knew that Salem Lakes probably had its eye on devouring other local communities.

    I certainly hope that Salem Lakes does not become another Burlington. I moved away from Milwaukee to get away from the issues that come with large urban areas.

  2. Sounds like it is time says:

    for all the board members to actually READ the Comprehensive Plan 2035 instead of shoving it around their desks….

    There is already a plan. A plan established so that everyone would know how development would affect them and which was approved of by the electors. Why is there a need all of a sudden for another plan? Sounds like someone has forgotten that we already paid for a plan and got it approved. The plan was established for whole of the town. The addition of the hamlet of Silver Lake is but a neighborhood. That doesn’t change the plan much at all, just another residential neighborhood.

    It really sounds like someone has too much money on their hands and they want to spend it.

    For the ones that worries about turning into Burlington. I would say that Burlington is a rather nice place but if you live anywhere around here, we are changing and it will become urban. If you dont like urban, get out the for sale sign and move.

  3. Buying another plan?? says:

    Got a plan on the train horns and it sits.

    Consolidation is done. Elections were done.

    Implement the plan.

    Silence those trains now.

  4. Silence the trains? What century? says:

    Has a commitment been received from County to rework the 5 crossings they are responsible for? Until then, there will be no continuity and therefore no silence even if we would do the other crossings. Not to mention the private crossings that are included in the mix.
    What has Pat Casey done regarding County? Anything? When was there a status report on this plan by Casey to the board? Why isn’t the board asking about a status report? Was anything included in the budget for this or did everyone just pass it off for another year? This, by the way is a Chairman problem for not staying on top of it via the agenda. I don’t think I will have silent crossings in my lifetime in the village. 🙁

  5. Casey says:

    Only doing what he’s told. That’s his job right??
    We don’t want him doing things on his own, do we??

    That said, yes this falls to Diane. As does everything.

    A president at any level is supposed to lead. Does she??

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    I have come up with what I believe to be a reasonable solution to address the issue of silencing the train horn whistles blaring throughout our community. The projected cost is $3.3 MILLION, with some discussion on putting it on the backs of the taxpayers. My Plan: Village Board issues every resident a set of foam ear plugs, to be worn as they see fit. Those that enjoy the train whistles would not be required to wear them. Those who do not care for the train noise could easily don the earplugs. I’m guessing the entire Village of Salem Lakes residents could be outfitted for maybe a couple of hundred dollars. It’s a WIN WIN….Cost Effective,
    Easily Implemented. Of course, there will be an outcry from “the Doubters”, but I believe my past efforts to improve our community have been well received. This is just another example of “The Wisdom of Bernard”.

  7. Remember Bernard? says:

    Wasn’t it Bernard and his fellow “dissolvers” who told us how wonderful things would do be once we were Salem Lakes? How things would run so smooothly? Seems to me he also mentioned how all of our taxes would go down . Why the increase Bernard?

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    Umm….sorry “Remember”….I had my ear plugs in…didn’t hear what you had to say. Don’t recall me EVER saying I would silence the train horns. And my taxes DID go down. As Johnny Cash used to sing ” I hear that whistle coming”……….

  9. Kale Dolfin says:

    You dont understand that Salem Lakes has always had the control over Wilmot because Wilmot is a neighborhood in Salem Lakes just as it was a neighborhood in the Town of Salem. I think you need to learn a bit about how the charter neighborhoods or hamlets are just like other newer neighborhoods in the area
    relate to the municipality.

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    Ummm….”Kale”…..the “dissolve” movement took place in Silver Lake, which previously was a village, completely independent of Salem. The dissolve issue had NOTHING to do with Wilmot! So maybe you need to do a little more “homework” before continuing your “lectures” on what I need to learn about charter neighborhoods or hamlets!

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