Units responding for crash in Salem

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At about 7:34 a.m., Salem Fire/Rescue units and sheriff’s deputies are responding to a report of a crash in the 7900 block of Falcon Way in Salem on the Central High School campus.

Per dispatch: One Jeep rolled over. Deputy on the scene reports everyone is out of the vehicle and there appears to be no serious injuries.


One Comment

  1. Driving Too Fast says:

    The posted speed limit on that road is 15 mph. HOW does a driver roll a Jeep over?
    A few months ago, a student driving too fast on that road spun out and knocked over a light pole. Perhaps the road should be renamed Falcon Speed Way. Maybe drivers(especially young, relatively inexperienced ones)should Sloooooooowwwww
    Down. Remember, once they exit the school grounds property and enter either Highway 50 or Highway 83, the general driving public has to deal with them!

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