Paris appoints members to Paris-Somers Intergovernmental Commission

The Paris Town Board appointed three individuals to the Paris-Somers Intergovernmental Commission at last week’s Town Board meeting.

The commission will make decisions about development in an area of the town along I-94 that is subject to a joint agreement between the two municipalities.

Appointed were town Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt, town Supervisor Ken Monson and town Plan Commission Chairman John Holloway.

The other three members of the commission will be appointed by the village of Somers.

“It’s an important commission in that it determines what will happen in the … corridor,” said town attorney Tim Pruitt.

Kammerzelt said the commission will necessitate a commitment of time and effort.

“Whoever is on that board has to do the homework,” Kammerzelt said.

There was some discussion among board members about whether there should be two board members on the commission, but ultimately they decided to appoint Monson and Kammerzelt. Town Chairman Virgil Gentz was appointed as an alternate, at least until another interested community member can be found to fill that role.




  1. Paris Resident says:

    I would like to see someone that lives in the Paris-somers corridor on the board. They are going to governed by people that don’t even live in the corridor until they get bought out which will probably take years. They deserve at least one voice.

    Or at least pick people that live closer to the corridor. Kammerzelt at least lives close.

  2. Nothing New in Paris says:

    The Board created a commission and appointed themselves members for an agreement that doesn’t even exist.

  3. It will never happen says:

    Putting someone on the board that lives in the area is a wonderful idea.

    It’ll never happen. Power is always consolidated, never shared.

    Additionally,, the position will eventually be paid so that’s why they appoint themselves.

    Notice, Kammerzelts only quote: Kammerzelt said the commission will necessitate a commitment of time and effort. “Whoever is on that board has to do the homework,”.

    * That’s what you say to justify the introduction of paying that position in the future.

  4. I nominate NW Mike says:

    He doesn’t play well with others. He’d be perfect and he’s in the area.

    Unfortunately, I heard he already agreed to sell.

  5. Nothing New in Paris says:

    NW Mike is not in the Boards original corridor plan. He was all for blocking out potential for Kenosha expansion.

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