Aquanuts win approval for storage buildings; express interest in village lot

This photo from a Twin Lakes village document shows the location of the proposed storage structures framed in black.

A relatively light Twin Lakes Village Board committee of the whole meeting Monday saw matters involving the Aquanuts show ski team dominate discussion.

The team, which performs shows weekly during the summer at Lance Park, its headquarters, is seeking permission to build two storage buildings in the area of the park where they perform.

The team also expressed interest in possibly buying the property that housed the former village yard waste disposal to store boats.

“We’re growing,” said Aquanuts president Bob Koehler, who represented the group at the meeting. “We have more storage needs.”

One of the Lance Park storage buildings would be near the existing boathouse and another adjacent to the Scout House, which will also serve as a spot for the show’s sound technician.

The building near the boathouse will likely necessitate the removal of an old tree. To compensate, Koehler said the team would be willing to plant a compensating number of young trees in the park.

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald asked that the pillars in the new building near the Scout House match pillars in the restroom building the village built on the other side of the Scout House, which Koehler agree to do.

No action could be taken at the meeting because of how it was noticed. The board also wanted to make sure the Aquanuts were ready to move forward after the Monday meeting. A special Village Board meeting has been scheduled for Thursday at 3 p.m. to consider approving an agreement regarding the buildings.

The village is open to selling the old yard waste drop on Industrial Drive, but would like some assurance the Aquanuts are serious about buying it first.

Koehler said the group is interested.

“If it’s within out budget, we’d like to consider it,” Koehler said.

Currently the team stores its boats in season at a local boat dealership, Koehler said. Off season, the boats are stored at a member’s property in Elgin, Illinois. The former yard waste site could replace both of the current storage sites. The team would likely build a storage structure on the site if they purchased it.

Koehler said the team is not interested in renting the property.

Village President Howard Skinner asked the Aquanuts board to formalize their interest so the village could move forward.

Trustee Thomas Connolly raised the possibility that the land would need to be subject to open bidding.

Skinner said if the Aquanuts board communicates that they are interested in the land village administrator Jennifer Frederick can then research the need for bidding.


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