Randall passes 2018 tax levy with 9 percent decrease

Randall electors and the Town Board on Thursday approved a property tax levy with a larger than typical decrease.

The 2018 property tax levy of $899,203 is $90,002 or 9.10 percent less than the 2017 tax levy.

The 2018 levy passed the electors and Town Board unanimously. Eight electors — the five board members and three audience members — voted.

At a pubic hearing on the budget, Chairman Bob Stoll explained  the lower levy was the result of restrained spending.

“The biggest thing is we’re spending less money,” Stoll said.

The main reason for that lowered spending was the completion of two road projects that the town voted to pay for with levy in 2017 instead of borrowing, Stoll explained. With the spending for those projects done, the town was able to reduce spending for 2018.

“That’s a lot of not spending,” said resident Bruce Melling.

Replied Stoll: “We try to be frugal.”

Among spending increases in the budget was $20,000 more than 2017 set aside for emergency medical services contracted from other departments due to an anticipated — but not yet official — cost increase, Stoll said.

The town also set aside $50,000 toward the purchase of a new fire engine to replace one of the fire department’s two 20-year old engines. Fire Chief Matt Gronke said replacing an engine is at least a two-year process and that the Powers Lake station engine is the one that would be replaced first. The town has some otehr money set aside for the engine purchase, but would likely also have to finance the purchase.

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  1. Jeff Scanlan says:

    Better have money for snow plowing in Nippersink.

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