Salem Lakes passes tax levy with 1.62 percent increase

The Salem Lakes budget and tax levy for 2018 passed with little discussion and a unanimous vote Monday evening.

The combined levy will be $4,815,900, an increase of $76,800 or 1.62 percent. Technically, that is the amount combined of separate Salem and Silver Lake levies. Because Salem Lakes combined those two municipalities in Feb. 2017, the state said it had to levy separately again in 2018. In 2019, there will be only one levy.

One one member of the public commented on the budget Monday at the budget public hearing and the board engaged in no discussion. There were several budget workshops, however, leading up to the approval where discussion did take place.

The budget including the levy passed by a 6-0 vote with Trustee Ted Kmiec participating via phone and Trustee Laura Francart absent.


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