Paddock Lake again looking for water patrol for 2018 season

Paddock Lake again finds itself looking for how to handle water patrol on its lake next summer.

At a Village Board committee of the whole meeting Tuesday, village administrator Tim Popanda said it is his understanding that Salem Lakes will not be offering to patrol other municipalities lakes, as Salem Lakes has done for the last two summers.

In bringing up the topic, Popanda said he was looking for board opinion on whether the board felt water patrol by some means was needed and to explore options if it is needed.

Board members that spoke Tuesday seemed strongly behind continuing to have water patrol.

“I definitely think we need water patrol,” said Trustee Barb Brenner. “My suggestion is you need to look at a way to get someone out there.”

Said President Terry Burns:  “I think that would be just complete chaos out there (without water patrol). I think it is something that certainly needs to be explored.”

Said Trustee Kathy Christenson: “We have to; we have no choice.”

Options to explore as presented by Popanda included partnering with another municipality such as Wheatland, the Twin Lakes Police Department or the town of Burlington.

Three summers ago, after finding itself with no water patrol of its own, the village depended on enforcement on the lake from the Sheriff’s Department Marine Unit on an as available basis. Popanda said that did not result in enough regular patrol.

“We had very little if any water patrol three years ago,” Popanda said.

The last two summers, the village contracted with the town of Salem and then its descendant the village of Salem  Lakes. Water patrol was performed by the Public Safety Department, which had its operation suspended earlier this year by the  Salem Lakes Village Board.



  1. UNREAL says:

    Can you imagine the utter lack of wisdom it takes to eliminate water patrol in a Village recently named Salem Lakes?

  2. Unreal cannot read says:

    Unreal cannot read. Salem Lakes will not be offering it to OTHER communities. And they suspended the policing tasks, not water patrol which is totally separate.
    Nothing said about their own lakes not having coverage. That all said, the Sheriff is capable. Only needs to have long term commitments so his deputies can get overtime and hours to their pensions. The prudent worker would always prefer to extend work hours and help their pension and at the same time, know their insurance coverage. Village are not law enforcement entities. They should not pretend they are. Pretending.

  3. robert walski says:

    for god sakes leave the lakes alone! look for another way to get money
    I refuse to go on lakes that are patrolled other than dnr…thanks for ruining wisconsin

  4. Read the tea leaves says:

    Check back in June when no water patrol will be present on any lake in the village of Salem lakes.

  5. "Really UNREAL" says:

    @ Unreal cannot read – In recent articles addressing the 2018 budget the Salem Lakes board discussed dissolving Water Patrol in fact, Administrator Casey has said “we are going to have quite a few boats for sale”.

    Sure, it was suggested that the County could do it BUT to make the comment that “the Sheriff is capable. Only needs to have long term commitments so his deputies can get overtime and add to their pensions” is “Really UNREAL”.

    The reason FOR Water Patrol is to make boating safe not to add overtime hours to pensions, plus to also say “Village are not law enforcement entities. They should not pretend they are” really demonstrates a lack of understanding on the subject and Village government.

    Only Law Enforcement officers can preform the duties of Water Patrol so the function of the Village as a law enforcement entity is the same if they hire their enforcers themselves or hire the Sheriff to hire the same qualified enforcers.

    The fact is; to become a Village, one of the requirements is that the municipality MUST provide law enforcement, policing services, “no pretending” so that in itself makes a Village a “REAL” law enforcement entity.

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