Salem Lakes dual tax levies show increases in draft budget

Salem Lakes will have to maintain dual tax levies for one more year and both will show less than 2 percent increases in the draft 2018 budget given its first public unveiling at a special meeting Monday.

The Salem levy in the draft budget is $3,572,100, an increase of $61,200 or 1.81 percent. This is without the library tax

The Silver Lake levy in the draft budget is $827,700, an increase of $6,700 or .79 percent. This is without the library tax.

Without the library tax, the combined levy for Salem Lakes is $4,815,900, an increase of $76,800 or 1.62 percent.

Village administrator Patrick Casey said the village had anticipated being able to have a combined levy for 2018, but was informed by the state Department of Administration that due to the timing of the Feb. 2017 merger completion, the village would have to have separate levies for one more year.

While the levies are separate — former Silver Lake residents levied at the resulting Silver Lake mill rate and former Salem residents levied at the resulting Salem mill rate — expenditures are combined.

Total expenditures for 2018 in the budget are $15,878,100.

The largest expenditure fund is the general fund, which currently is set for $6,572,200, an increase of  $167,000 or 2.61 percent over 2017.

Changes in the general fund highlighted by Casey on Monday include:

  • Increase in sheriff contract — $90,400. This is over the existing contract that was created by the former village of Silver Lake just for coverage of that municipality to replace the village’s police department. The new contract will add a second patrol deputy to Salem Lakes.
  • New funding for code enforcement — $28,000.
  • New deputy fire chief position — $99,000. Casey said the new position would provide for succession planning if the chief were to retire or leave the department.
  • New yard Waste Program — $23,000. Casey explained that this would involve staffing the yard waste drop off area on weekends to be able to monitor for resident only use and what material is disposed of.
  • Mosquito spraying — $50,000. Silver Lake used to have mosquito spraying and board members from that municipality have asked for it to be considered for continuation throughout the new village. Trustees asked for a breakdown of that cost between spraying and pellet trearment of standing water. President Diann Tesar said she was not in favor of mosquito spraying.
  • 2 percent wage increase for village employees.

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