Salem Lakes to halt waste treatment at Silver Lake plant

A map from the draft plan showing the route of the proposed force main and gravity main from the Silver Lake wastewater treatment plant to the treatment plant along Highway C in Trevor.

The Salem Lakes Village Board  has adopted a utility district master plan that calls for stopping treatment operations at the Silver Lake wastewater treatment plant and instead pumping all sewage to the Salem plant in Trevor for treatment there.

The plan was adopted by a unanimous vote at Monday’s regular Village Board meeting.

Travis Anderson of Strand Associates, the village’s engineering firm, said his company’s research shows the most cost effective approach to treatment and meeting mandated lower phosphorus discharge requirements was to combine all treatment at the plant in Trevor.¬† His firm estimates an about $3 million savings for the phosphorus reduction alone.

Waste water currently routed to the Silver Lake treatment plant from the old village of Silver Lake will eventually be pumped via a new main down Highway B to meet a gravity fed main along Highway C that connects with the plant in Trevor, Anderson explained. The new main down Highway B would cost about $3 million.

The Silver Lake plant also has several other operational disadvantages. During this summer’s record flooding, the site, which is adjacent to the Fox River, flooded, including its access road. That meant if that situation occurs again the site might be accessible only by boat. It’s location in the flood plain and flood way is against state code for sewer treatment plants.

The Silver Lake plant also would be difficult to expand, Anderson said.

Performing all treatment at the plant in Trevor also would allow for more streamlined operations, Anderson said.

Overall, Anderson said consolidating treatment at Trevor would save $4.6 million in capitol cost and $127,000 annually in operational costs.

Besides the main from the Silver Lake plant, the plan also proposes $9 million in improvements to the plant in Trevor.

The plan proposed a $2 per month increase every other year. Trustee Dan Campion pointed out that will actually mean a slower increase in fees than was proposed by the last rate schedule adopted by the former town of Salem.

The charges also were adopted by a unanimous vote.

The plan has to be submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for its approval before it can be implemented.

A Google Maps view of the Silver Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant.

A Google Maps view of the wastewater treatment plant in Trevor.


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