Salem Lakes officials cut ribbon on Camp Lake Park

Saturday afternoon, Salem Lakes cut the ribbon on Camp Lake Park, at 26937 104th St. The event was combined with a cookout for volunteers who helped out with flood damage last July.

The park has mature trees and overlooks Camp Lake. The property extends along the shoreline for a total of over 1,500 feet.

Salem Lakes has been improving the property for the last three years, putting in parking lots, paths and the pavilion.

The main part of the park is 7.1 acres. That property was bought in 2011 for $374,000, utilizing existing impact fees.  The property had previously been sold, twice, for 1 million dollars, for development, but went into foreclosure.

The property used to have a bar/restaurant and a house and cottage. The bar/restaurant burned down. December 2, 1992. Salem Lakes attempted to save the house, which had been built in the 1940’s, but it had too many issues. It was torn down two years, ago.

In attendance were Mike Marchuk and Dorothy Wojtowski. Their family owned the property from 1946-2002.

The musical entertainment was provided by Something About Mary.

From left: Salem Lakes Trustees Laura Francart, Mike Culat, Dan Campion, President Diann Tesar and Trustee Bill Hopkins.



  1. Photo bomb says:

    Notice Dan Campion again positioning himself to intrude on the photo. Just like the one during the flooding of Silver Lake. It’s about him, not you.

  2. P bomb? says:

    I was wondering where the other board members were? I don’t think this particular instance is a PB. Does somebody got an issue with Campion? If that is the case, you should really pick real and important issues to complain about. There certainly are plenty of them!

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