Deadline to apply for lottery and gaming credit is Oct. 2

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The following news release from county Treasurer Teri Jacobson about the lottery and gaming credit has a looming deadline:

Are you receiving the state Lottery and Gaming Credit on your property tax bill? Now’s the time to check, and to request the funds you’re due if you’re not receiving them, Kenosha County Treasurer Teri Jacobson advises. Property owners may claim a Lottery and Gaming Credit for a tax year if, on Jan. 1 of that tax year, they were the owner of the property and used it as their primary residence. Oct. 2, 2017, is the deadline to apply for a 2016 Lottery and Gaming Credit for taxes payable in 2017, if you have not already received one. The Lottery and Gaming Credit was created by the State of Wisconsin after the 1987 enactment of the constitutional amendment that allowed the state to have a lottery, with its net proceeds to be used for property tax relief. The amount of the credit is determined each year based on Wisconsin Lottery revenue. “The lottery credit is how that tax relief is delivered to property owners,” Jacobson said. “Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table.” Forms to claim last year’s credit, to apply to the credit going forward or to remove a property from the credit list are available online at or at the County Treasurer’s Office in the county Administration Building, 1010 56th St., Kenosha. Once you have applied for and received the Lottery and Gaming Credit, you do not need to file another application until your primary residence changes. Residents may have only one primary residence, and may only claim one Lottery and Gaming Credit. Kenosha County provides an online database that allows property owners to search for whether they have an available Lottery and Gaming Credit. This database is at


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