Wheatland exploring Slades Corners drainage issue with WisDOT

This map, included in the R.A. Smith proposal for a study, shows three possible alternatives (in red) for addressing high water drainage in Slades Corners (click for larger view).

Wheatland is exploring cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to solve high water problems that effect properties in Slades Corners.

Earlier this month, the Wheatland Town Board heard a proposal from town engineer Len Roecker of R.A. Smith about a study to determine how to best drain off water from areas at Slades Corners where it collects during periods of heavy rain.

That study was to cost no more than $14,300. Town officials agreed — before moving forward with the study — wanted to see if the state could contribute in any way, since the expansion of Highway 50 to four lanes in the 1990s may have caused some of the problem.

Following up on initial contacts with WisDOT made by town Chairman Bill Glembocki, Supervisor Andrew Lois met with a representative of WisDOT last week. That representative said the state — by modern standards — might have some responsibility for the standing water problem and therefore the state might contribute financially to the study or the eventual resolution.

“I’m not saying we’re going to get $100,000, but I think we could get something,” Lois said. “It seemed like there would be some money available.”

The WisDOT representative told Lois he would talk to higher ups in the department to determine what could be done, Lois said. The process will likely not be fast and might need to wait until the passage of the next state budget.

“Think positive and hopefully we will get something done, get some money,” Lois said.

Board members and two members of the public speaking at the meeting , said of the three preliminary alternatives presented by Roecker at the earlier meeting, the plan that took water south seemed the most beneficial and likely most cost effective.


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