Salem Lakes adopts new logo

The new Salem Lakes logo adopted by the Village Board.

The new village of Salem Lakes now has a new official logo, though it may seem familiar to town of Salem residents.

The logo, which features trees, a sun, a blue heron and the village’s founding year, was accepted by the Village Board Monday.

Who created the logo was not discussed, but it looks a lot like the old town of Salem logo, only arranged in a horizontal rectangle instead of a circle.

“I like it,” said village President Diann Tesar. “It incorporates the lake view.”

The old town of Salem logo.

The board held some discussion before the vote about how the logo will be used. Village administrator Patrick Casey said initially the logo would start appearing on letterhead and maybe some signs. Eventually it may move to village vehicles and elsewhere the old town logo was used.

Trustee Dan Campion was interested in knowing more details about how the logo might be used, including having the board weigh in on maters such as how the letter head looked.

“How are we going to brand this?” Campion said.

Casey said how the logo would be used beyond letterhead and signs would be the subject of ongoing discussion for the board.



  1. Pam Kroll says:

    The new logo should have a lake scene…..don’t leave Silver Lake out of the emblem.
    Salem still in charge huh????

  2. Blue water says:

    A spot of blue water behind the word Lakes touching the sun would look good. (Maybe even a ‘Silver’ sun streak on the water)

    We truly mustn’t forget that Silver Lake made this happen. They gave up a lot for this. (Yes I know, they gained a lot too)

    A lake in the logo would signify their part in the joining of the two communities well. The “new” logo as it is now, is not new. Just words added.

    Please go back to the drawing board and pull out your blue and silver pencils.

  3. A single Lake? says:

    People are worried about ‘a single lake’? Worried, or bothered, when the Village has 9 or 10 of them? And, did they forget that there is a river running thru it as well? I would think that oak trees would be more appropriate than pine trees; something other than a blue heron (or a swan); something more in the line of boats and fishing than forests that are being replaced by houses. Really, is this what some think that the village represents? I might add that Silver Lake did not do such a great job on their old logo which featured swans, as in swans that the DNR had their crosshairs on! When, where, does Trevor get added to the logo, or Wilmot, or Shangri-La? Aren’t these important areas too? I know! The logo should have a water tower in it! Bets are being taken on how long it will be before “LAKES” is added to the “SALEM” tower, and what budget item that cost is coming out of?

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