Wheatland considering study of Slades Corners drainage solutions

This map, included in the R.A. Smith proposal for a study, shows three possible alternatives (in red) for addressing high water drainage in Slades Corners (click for larger view).

The Wheatland Town Board is considering commissioning a study of engineering solutions to drainage in Slades Corners.

But befoer going ahead with the study, the board will see if it can get some funding to help pay for the cost of the study.

At Monday’s Town Board meeting, town engineer Len Roecker, of R.A. Smith National, addressed a proposal to perform the study. It would examine alternatives for high water drainage relief for the natural depression area west of the intersection of 39200 Avenue and Highway 50 near Slades Corners. Alternatives would be presented with estimated costs.

Residents and business owners in Slades Corners have expressed concern that construction and the expansion of Highway 50 to four lanes has adversely changed drainage there.

“It’s something I think would allow you to understand if the town wants to move forward with something like this,” Roecker said of the study.

Cost for the study is not to exceed $14,300, Roecker’s proposal said.

Town Board members seemed to be in favor of approving the study, but town Chairman Bill Glembocki suggested exploring whether grant funding might be available to help cover the cost of the study. Meeting with Wisconsin Department of Transportation or state legislature representatives was also suggested since the expnasion of Highway 50 may have contributed to the situation.

The board held up formally approving proceeding with the study until funding sources could be explored.


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