Twin Lakes considering changes in e-waste recycling program

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The Twin Lakes Village Board on Monday discussed making changes to the village’s e-waste recycling program aimed at keeping it for just residents and controlling exposure to possible future increases in cost of having the program.

This year has seen a huge increase in the use of the program, village administrator Jennifer Frederick said. But at the same time, use of the village’s yard waste disposal and recycling facility has decreased, likely because it was moved and opened only to village residents displaying a sticker.

The e-waste disposal site is available to anyone 24/7, leading village officials to assume non-residents are dumping their e-waste there.

“It’s clear people are using this abusively to some degree,” said Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald. “Twin Lakes can’t have that many tube TVs.”

This year, the village has a new waste disposal company. The old company had allowed three free pickups of e-waste dumpsters per year and the new one agreed to the same. But this year the village’s has filled seven dumpsters of e-waste so far.

The waste company is not going to charge the village for the extras this year, but is proposing to charge for any above three next year. The charge per extra dumpster could be $700-900 per dumpster, Frederick said.

The board discussed — but did not settle — on a couple possible strategies going forward. One was to allow e-waste disposal for only those with village stickers and putting the disposal where it could be accessed when someone can check for stickers.

Another proposal was to have limited designated days for e-waste disposal.

“It’s got to be for residents only,” said Trustee Barbara Andres.

The board did not settle on a strategy and it likely will come up again for action.


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