Highway 45 update Aug. 11, 2017: Begin some asphalt paving, concrete pavement staking, continued restoration on Stage 1

Note: With the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we will be telling our readers what work took place on the Highway 45 project in the week just past and what is expected to take place in the coming week. Check back every Friday for the latest.

What happened this week (Week of Aug. 7) — Finished common excavation north of 79 th St (Bristol Bay) on Wednesday; new
closure will not allow access from WIS 50 to US 45 south of 79 th St. Residents of Bristol Bay should access from WIS 50. Finished trimming for paving operation Tuesday. Paved northbound US 45 from 86th St to 83rd St. Began asphalt paving from County CJ to 196th St on Wednesday for turn lanes and bypass lanes. Kenosha County closed County C at County D for Culvert work. This was not associated with the US 45 project. This closure took place 8/8 – 8/9. Continued restoration on Stage 1. Perform concrete pavement staking for southbound US 45.

What’s expected to happen next week (Week of Aug. 14) — Will perform common excavation and storm sewer work south of 79th St (Bristol
Bay). This will require US 45 to be closed on the south side of 79th St. Residents should access Bristol Bay from the north. Residents of Bristol Bay
should take US 45 off of WIS 50. Anticipated to get the signals set to Red-Flash at County C and County WG on Monday. Continue asphalt paving from County CJ to 196 th St. Grading behind curb and gutter once pavement is laid down on Stage 1. Pave the southbound lane of US 45 from 83rd St to 86th St. Slip curb and gutter from 86th St to 83 rd St. Continue restoration on Stage 1.



  1. Jerry Heinz says:

    Can you post an update on construction status for Hwy 45 from state line to Phase 2? Is Phase 1 ready or open now from 83rd to state line heading south from Bristol? Any updates appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Jerry Heinz says:

    Can you share if Phase 1 is on schedule or an ETA for completion? Some say that the first part may now run into January before traffic can use Hwy 45 from state line to 86th.

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