Riverview School third trimester honor roll 2016-17

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The following students were named to the Riverview School third trimester honor roll for the 2016-17 school year:

8th grade

High honors: Veda Gross, Rylee Thiel, Kaleb Gendron, Jordyn Delargy, Joshlyn Delargy, Mason Cummings,  Anna Wischnowski, Trista Fiegel, Teagan Maki, Savana Andershock, Kaylee Gerber, Troy Christensen, Emma Spivey.

Honors: Gavin Edmonds, Michael Ruggiero, Jared Camp, George Edmonds, Faith Price.

Honorable mention: Zachary Colletti, Gergory Wiltberger,  Avery Snow, Brooke Platou, Cecilia Lukasick.

7th grade

High honors: Delaney Snow, Brady Schick, Jessica Boyd, Abbey Grumbeck, Chase Goodwin, Shane Spatol, Ashton Leahy, Owen Rosengarden, Sarah Franas, Mason Gauger, Alisandra Piazza, Hailee Smith-Beth, Angelina Olson.

Honors: Olivia Horvath, Chase Semke, James Griffiths.

Honorable mention: Zachary Glass, Caden Hetland, James Myers, Max Zimmerman, Joshua Shumway

6th Grade

High honors: Amber Blount, Natalie Kessel, Brandon Caldwell, Alexsandra Lamb, Matthew Walker, Isaac Fitzgerald, Olivia Raymond, Trinity Gapko, Peyton Hasenberg, Anthony Corona, Taylor Stewart, Cooper Zimmerman, Clayton Spivey, Andrue da Silva, Brooklyn Jarvey, Lorelei Glassman.

Honors: Devon Hall, Alysha Moran, Makayla Ziemianin.

Honorable mention: Ayden Stowell, Scott Ames, Emilee Ferguson, Jesse Miedema, Amelia Baseley, Ashley Kaminski, Andrew Ushakov.

Note: This post is sponsored by Peoples Bank. — DH


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