Fire at Uncle George’s

At 7 :18 pm, Saturday, Salem pulled a MABAS box for a structure fire at 225 South Railroad Street. A large amount of smoke was coming from the building.

According to Capt. Jim Coppelman, the fire started at the grill. The cook yelled for the waitress to get all the people out of the building. She then went back to grab the fire extinguisher to put put the fire, but the fire was too large.

The fire was knocked down in about 20 minutes, but they had to pull ceilings to make sure it was out. There were two ceilings to get to the attic.

About 60% of the building has heat and smoke damaged.

One firefighter was transported to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

Units were on scene about three hours.


Engines form Kenosha and Bristol, Tenders from Newport, Kansasville and Randall, Wheatland truck, Silver Lake Rescue, Chiefs from Bristol, Newport, Pleasant Prairie and Somers. Change of quarters to Station 1, Antioch ambulance and chief, Somers tender, Pleasant Prairie engine.

During the fire, Pleasant Prairie engine and Antioch ambulance responded for smell of gas in a residence.





  1. How many volunteers? says:

    How many volunteers does it take to stand around and watch a couple guys put out a small grease fire?

  2. dick sauce says:

    blame the grilled cheese!!!!

  3. How long? says:

    How many guys showed up from our overhauled fire dept? What was the response time? 60% of a building damaged right across the street from the fire station does not seem like a success? I thought with our new village we were getting better services?!?! Huh weird

  4. Volunteer says:

    Less than the amount of ignorant posts it will take for anyone to care about what you have to say.

    You know what they say about opinions…

  5. Citizen says:

    This is unfortunate. Uncle George’s is a great place.

  6. Regretful disolver says:

    Sorry to say but when you run a campaign and dope almost 2/3’s of a village into an idea that you can provide better services if we follow a certain path then you better be ready to be put under the microscope and compared to the previous services volunteer or not. People who will no longer even show their aliases here did a lot of mud slinging and purple kool aid pouring and the people of silver lake have been absorbed and left without a voice. Not very forward thinking.

  7. Dan novotney says:

    I thought the brilliant Bernard punsley had everything figured out in the new Salem lakes I guess the possibility of a fire across from the firehouse wasent in the cards !

  8. Tony stone says:

    Regretful dissolver you couched your words perfectly about what really happened to silver lake, time for the masked man punsley to own up was to worried about a ridiculous skating rink across from uncle George’s

  9. Dave mulligan says:

    Regret full dissolver must realize it was a cartoon character named Bernard punsley who was the biggest server of that purple kook aid who also said the taxes would go down and our police presence wouldn’t change, what’s in that kool aid?

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