Swimming caution removed from Powers Lake after re-test

A swimming caution for Powers Lake was lifted Friday after retesting showed lower E.coli levels.

The new reading was 38 E.coli/100mL, said Randall Supervisor Mark Halvey.

A swimming advisory was posted after a test earlier in the week showed elevated E.coli levels.

A reading of at least 235 E.coli/100mL prompts a swimming advisory or caution. A reading of 1,000 E.coli/100mL prompts a closure of the beach for swimming.


One Comment

  1. Susan says:

    My 12 year old siberian husky got very sick from swimming and swallowing/drinking the Power lake’s water July 2017.

    He loved his swims – it helped with his arthritis. I can’t trust
    Any lakes any more. It is too bad.

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