Salem Lakes residents can put flooding debris at the curb for collection

Salem Lakes residents can put their flooding debris — from old carpet to ruined furniture and anything else — at the curb to be picked up, said Patrick Casey, village administrator.

They do not need to worry about having it out by a regular or special collection date, Casey added. Just get it out when you can and the village will come by to pick it up eventually.

“Be a little patient,” Casey said. “We probably won’t get to it all in a day or even a week.”

Public works crews will be hauling away the garbage and filling dumpsters that will be hauled away.

Casey did ask that televisions and similar electronics be put in separate piles from other flood debris.

Salem Lakes residents that have questions about flood related matters can call Village Hall at 843-2313.


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  1. Matt says:

    Good! I was concerned about those who may not be able to even start cleaning their house out for another week or two! Prayers to all those affected!

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