Flooding recovery keeps Sheriff’s Department, county and municipal workers and Red Cross busy

Recovery from the heavy rain and resulting water damage and flooding in Western Kenosha County has kept the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department,  county and municipal government workers and Red Cross workers and volunteers busy.

For example, from noon on Monday, July 10 until noon, Sunday, July 16, the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department has responded to 1,263 calls for service, including: 134 reports of road hazards, 86 motorists assist calls, 29 medical calls, 171 traffic stops (inclusive of vehicles that have driven past traffic barricades), 50 service calls, 20 citizen assist calls, 8 boating law violations, and 105 other additional patrols.

At Silver Lake Village Hall, Red Cross and Salem Lakes personnel have assisted people from about 150 households since the hall became a service center this weekend. Red Cross workers are expected to continue to offer clean-up supplies and help to those seeking financial aid until demand drops off, Salem Lakes village administrator Patrick Casey said Sunday.

Casey praised village public works and sanitation workers efforts to meet the challenges caused by the heavy rain and resulting flooding. The Salem Wastewater Treatment Plant along Highway C has had no downtime, but the Silver Lake plant did have some difficulty with overflow due to its proximity to the Fox River.

“I think they’ve done real well,” Casey said of the village staff.



  1. Diane Bandola says:

    Thank you Kenosha Sheriff Dept
    Thank you Red Cross
    Thank you Silver Lake workers

    For all your hard work thru these horrific times.

  2. Matt says:

    Huge thanks to all the police and rescue personnel, as well as all the volunteers for ALL your hard work! We appreciate it!

  3. Greg Galich says:

    I am so proud of our community. All the folks pitched in and did a great job. DPW, Sheriff, and Salem Lakes Fire and Rescue. Keep up the good works. We have never had the help we have now. Red Cross, Riverview School, Salem School, and the Silver Lake Church, our trustees and more. I am so happy at the way we have grown. This proves we made the right move.

  4. Grown? says:

    Yes I suppose joining Salem was a good move and at times like this you can see the resources that are available. However I would like to think that Salem would’ve stepped up and helped out Silverlake anyways considering that at that time in the past it was inside the contiguous old Salem.

    Salem always has had good people and now we just have more of them.

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