Fox River level falling, rain in forecast tonight, dry for a while after that

The Fox River level as measured at the New Munster gauge is starting to show some progress that Western Kenosha County residents can appreciate.

The level has dropped a little more than a foot from its crest to 16.34 feet (at 3:30 p.m. Saturday). The crest was 17.47 feet on Thursday.

The forecast for the river level has improved a bit as well. The level in New Munster could be below the previous record level of 15 feet by very early Tuesday, about a day earlier than the forecast said earlier this week.

There is a chance of rain Saturday night — a 40 percent chance most likely between midnight and 3 a.m., according to the latest, local National Weather Service forecast.

After tonight, the weather forecast looks dry for at least a few more days. A low chance of rain creeps back in to the forecast Tuesday night and peaks Wednesday and Wednesday night with a 40 percent chance of showers and/or storms.



  1. Still want an answer says:

    Still would like to know what Samantha Kerkman and all of our other public officials are going to do to request that we re-design this bridged intersection. Can you even think about how much money is being lost by places like Lake Geneva packinghouse with all of that traffic not heading past it into Lake Geneva for the weekend. They are far enough out of town that they’ll be a good percentage of people that won’t go there to get their meats for the weekend.

    All for 2 feet higher of everything that they built already. Somebody wasn’t thinking back then.

  2. Better Off says:

    I’m glad to have a break from the rude people south of the border. Its a welcome breath of fresh air.

  3. Get your priorities straight says:

    Really thought you had a good start but then your concern was for the lost revenue of a local business? Not the residents who may lose everything. Come on get your head on straight!! How about the businesses affected by the foooding who may never reopen.

    I’m sure the lake Geneva packing house will survive a lost weekend of revenue. As a resident of silver lake I’m thinking about what we can do to help and support our residents who will be displaced for an extended period of time.

  4. Money and Taxes says:

    Those “Rude People” spend a lot of money in this state which in turn helps to keep your taxes down.

    Be careful of what you wish for.

  5. Live by the water. Die by the water. says:

    People choose where they live. How many people feel sorry for the residents of Shorewood? They choose to buy homes down there. Were they cheap close to the water homes? Yes. Is there history of flooding there? Yes. Even a buy out program for those who want out.

    Businesses flooded out? You ever hear of insurance? Can’t afford flood insurance? Then don’t live or own where it floods. Live on the lake? Cheaper lower down close to the water than higher up. Ask those who live on the lakes and rivers. They wouldn’t trade these days that come once a decade or so for all those other years with out flooding.

    Carpeting, drywall and all sorts of new and rehab construction will come out of this. Lots of jobs created by nature. One mans disaster is another’s paycheck.

    So when the water comes up and the boxes and furniture goes out to the curb, sure I’ll come help clean up. But don’t ask me to bail them out. Financialy that is!

  6. Peaceful Week says:

    Its always about the money with you people. Sad. It was a quiet and peaceful last week in western Kenosha county. I can’t be bought. You can keep all that money. I know its true cost. I’ve been back and forth across this country dozens of times and I’ve traveled a dozen other countries as well. Never have I met worse people than the ones you like so much for their cash. Soulless you are.

  7. World traveler says:

    Is it all about money? Sure it is. Or did you manage to do all that traveling by sticking out your thumb?

    Are you taking your time and money and throwing it at people who made bad desisions? If so, why? Because they need it? Don’t you need it for your next trip?

    If not feel free to put whatever you don’t need in a paper bag and leave it at the Macdonalds so the next hundred people or so that come in can eat on you.

    As for peaceful? People pay big money to buy a spread out away from the hustle and bustle or to live closer to it on the water. It’s choices that we all make. If you like the peace and quiet so much why are you here where it’s not?

  8. Dearest One Percenter. says:

    Never in my life have I had to thumb for a ride. I’ve also never had a 1st class seat on a flight, or a stay at an all inclusive resort, or a front row seat for anything, or owned lake front property, or had paid vacation time. I can tell you what I have done though. I’ve earned my money by creating things with my own 2 hands. I’ve saved every red cent I could and traveled parts of the world all by my lonesome. I’ve sat atop Mayan ruins at sunrise, camped on uninhabited islands, climbed mountains, explored jungles, dove reefs, wandered vast forests, crossed seas. All on a shoe string budget that you could not fathom.

    The issue here is the false entitlement that your kind display. I can consider myself a ground floor resident. I’ve been here since there were still a few dirt roads around and much of the lakefront property was either owned by full time Wisconsin residents or it wasn’t developed at all. It was a gem at that time.

    I have been affected by the flooding directly. I live here. This is my home. The impact of the rising water takes its toll on myself and everyone I know here but you wont hear most of us crying about it. This is home. The risks along the fox are well known. Its the wealthy and false entitled people from the city who cry the blues because they cant churn up the lakes with their 30 thousand dollar boats or get to Lake Geneva conveniently.

    You clog our streets, drive utility costs up, litter, act poorly on our lakes. The grocery stores in these resort towns charge whatever they want now because they know you will pay it. That costs us dearly. Our landfills are unnecessarily stressed after the weekend due to your presence. You and your children are rude to locals. It goes on and on. Only business owners benefit from you. The rest of us suffer.

    You want your opinion to count here? Then live here year round like the rest of us and pay some dues. No, wait. Don’t do that. Winter is all we have now.

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