County executive declares emergency in Kenosha County

A formal emergency due to widespread flooding has been declared for Kenosha County.

County Executive Jim Kreuser made that announcement at a press conference in Kenosha Wednesday.

Sheriff David Beth said one major concern at this point is that additional flooding might prompt the closure of Highway 50 near the Fox River. Already, almost every major road in the county has some spot where water is over it, Beth said, but the need to close Highway 50 would be a major disruption.

Not every high water spot along a roadway is being market by a barricade or deputies because there are so many locations to cover, Beth said.

“There just isn’t the personnel to block every spot,” Beth said.

Kreuser asked residents throughout the county to report their damage to the county so disaster relief can be sought out. Reports can be made to 262-605-7924 or

“We need to know the aggregate damage,” Kresuer said.

Kreuser praised how county residents were reacting to the widespread flooding.

“When difficult time strike Kenosha County, it brings out the best in Kenosha County citizens,” Kreuser said. “Neighbors are helping neighbors.”

Kreuser also urged people to check on friends and family who might be in need of assistance.

“If you’re unsafe or feel unsafe and need to get out, call a friend or call law enforcement,” Kreuser said. “Make sure you check on elderly and disabled friends and family. Call them – don’t drive there until it’s safe to travel.”

Beth and Kreuser cited sources that said the county may have received as much as 8 inches of rain in some spots overnight.

Here is video of most of the press conference:

The National Weather Service has extended its flash flood warning until 4 p.m.

The rain may not be over. The latest, local NWS forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of more rain Wednesday night, most likely between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.



  1. Greg Block says:

    How do I report my basement and garage being flooded please?

  2. Don says:

    Village appointed sheriff gives me a hard time for using my utv to bring my generator home that I let a neighbor use so his sump pump could catch up. Also helped another move his camper outta harms way. Since he had no chance of getting his pick up back to it. Just gotta stick together and help each other out.

  3. edward marsalek says:

    I cannot get to my home at 9729 269th-center lake the driveway is floodedwith water and the house at the end of the long driveway is completely surrounded by water and many of the outside items are in the channel. I now can be reached at 773-472-0225

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