Salem Lakes appoints treasurer and clerk

The Salem Lakes Village Board finished the process Monday of creating a separate clerk and treasurer with the appointment of individuals to fill those posts until April 30, 2018.

At the time of the merger of Salem and Silver Lake into Salem Lakes in February, Cindi Dulaney was the Salem town clerk, Chris Lamb the Salem town treasurer and Vicki Galich the Silver Lake village clerk/treasurer. Since the merger, Galich has continued to serve in her position while Dulaney and Lamb are still employed by the village.

On April 26, the board voted to split the clerk/treasurer position into two appointed positions, but had to wait 60 days to name people to fill the posts.

Lamb’s appointment as treasurer was approved unanimously Monday with little discussion, other than to rework the initial motion to appoint to add an expiration to the appointment of April 30, 2018.

But the clerk appointment was more contentious. There was discussion about whether the clerk and the treasurer should report to the Village Board or the village administrator, with the board split on the issue. That revisited discussion that took place also at the April meeting. Eventually, the chain of command issue was set aside by board members as off the agenda.

Trustee Dan Campion moved to appoint Dulaney as clerk until April 30, which was seconded by Trustee Ted Kmiec. Trustees Campion, Kmiec and Mike Culat and village President Diann Tesar voted for appointing Dulaney and Trustees Laura Francart, Bob Raymond and Bill Hopkins voted against.

The board members who voted for Dulaney were all former Salem Town Board members and all of those who voted against were former Silver Lake trustees.

Tesar said the issue of who the clerk and treasurer should report to will likely be discussed more at a future meeting.



  1. WHO THEY REPORT TO? says:

    Who they would report to and for how long would be answered at each election if they were elected clerk and treasurer. We, THE VOTERS would make the choice based on just how well, how accurately, how timely the two positions represent US.
    These are positions which used to be elected positions until two separate boards wanted the clerk to be a secretary for them rather than a worker for US. These positions work for US, watchdogs for US; Not pawns of the board and not pawns of (heaven forbid) the administrator.
    Checks and balances are necessary when there is a budget of 5 million dollars of our money on the table.
    The boards have already given their powers to the administrator. Let’s hope they don’t give OUR powers to the administrator and that they assume some responsibility of authority in our stead.
    What is totally missing in the plan of an appointed clerk, is the method of changing clerks. What will this board do prior to the April date? How will the go about appointing a clerk after that date? Put out a NOTICE? Give time for replacement.
    Tell us, just what will the old Village Clerk be doing now? And her newly hired Deputy? Does the Village have to find a place to employ them? Or, are they escorted to the door?

  2. Silver Lake returns? says:

    Here ya go folks! More of the same stuff we went thru when Silver Lake was a village. Vicki Galich was top notch with many years of experience in government. The former Town of Salem office staff showed her nothing but disrespect. Now Tesar, Kimec, Culat, and Campion have done the same. They are all about protecting their friends. Diann has proven herself to be a weak president. We wanted a professional government. You all voted to stay in the past. We’ll get it right soon enough though. Vicki sorry to see you go. Enjoy the time off!

  3. Saddened says:

    Well looks like it’s back to the good ole boys junk. Former Town board members had a chance to do the right thing and chose to go back to the old way that only worked for them, not what is right by the Village residents. Wonder if they were afraid of a Law suit? Did we forget THAT clerk sued the town? Salem Lakes will never move forward if they keep going backwards. See the big town that needed the little village’s helped has now taken over.

  4. Diann Diann Diann says:

    Once again Diane let’s a meeting go awry.

    Diane has had months and months to get this right and when the moment came to merely ask for a motion to appoint two people who have been around for a long time (one nearly 2 decades) not only is the motion confusing and incomplete but the subsequent discussion had to be pointed out by a member of the audience as off agenda/topic.

    Even the town lawyer seemed distracted until he was brought into the fray. You would think he would have realized what was happening early on and had halted the discussion as being off agenda but no, he actually was part of the discussion until that audience member pointed out that it was not on the agenda to discuss what they were discussing.

    Mr. Nopenz, I hope to see you at future meetings as I think that if you’re willing to run again, the seat you ran for might be vulnerable in the future. Also please bring with you a new lawyer.

  5. Resident says:

    Vicki Galich may have had many years of experience in “government”; however, that government was the Kenosha County Highway Department! Has she ever run an election? Has she ever collected taxes? Has she ever worked on a municipal budget? Nope, nope, nope. Rather than question the former Salem board members for voting FOR Dulaney; I would question why the former Silver Lake board members got rid of Faber? She had experience in the clerk position. Diann needs to stop sitting on the fence – she needs to make a decision and stick to it. As far as who the employees should answer to? They should answer to the board members – if people don’t like what the board members are doing, they can be voted out of office. The administrator should also answer to the board members – he is, after all, “just an employee” just like everyone else.
    And, someone said something about checks and balances. That is correct – you have two people – Lamb and Dulaney with many years of checks and balances experience in municipal rules – let them do their jobs – they’ve been doing it for many years with no issues.

  6. Non-Professional Government says:

    Virtually everyone in attendance and those who pay attention to Salem Lakes government knows that this was a bungled process and appointment. The Trustees should be the ones in the know and put down their partialism to past governments and just do the right thing. In this case they did not.
    Without a town government formula to hide behind President Tesar is showing just how weak and flawed she is. A leader would have had control of the situation and been in front of the right thing to do.
    Things need to turn around for this board in a hurry and start acting like the large village that they are, not the hamlets that they look like.

  7. Out with the Old and in with what works says:

    The old Town of Salem worked just fine, we only needed the Village of Silver Lake to help obtain Village status, if it could have been done without the Village of Silver Lake we wouldn’t have all these people and only a few job openings. Get real people this happens in corporations all the time, departments are changed and the number of headcount goes down.

    These appointed positions should report to the board not the Administrator.

  8. Really People? says:

    The above comments are really interesting. Has any one of you mentioned qualifications and experience? Cindi is certified, has 20 years of experience as a Clerk, and is infinitely more qualified than Vicki was. What were Vicki’s qualifications? A Part Time Clerk since last year? Does she have any certifications? Any idea how to run an election? Who would serve the citizens of Salem Lakes better? So appointing a much less qualified and experienced Clerk is moving forward, and and appointing a much better qualified and experienced Clerk is going backwards? The definition of “good old boys junk” is putting people less qualified into a position while rejecting those with better qualifications and experience. That’s exactly what didn’t happen here. That’s good government watching out for the citizens of the Village.

  9. Resident says:

    Actually “really people”, I DID mention the qualifications of both Cindy Dulaney AND Chris Lamb. They are both qualified to do the jobs that they were appointed to do. They both have many years of experience in their fields (clerk and treasurer). They didn’t retire from the Highway Department Office to take on a part-time job, like Vicki did. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with Vicki; however, she is not the most qualified for the job at hand. I say they should get rid of Casey and the board should do the job they were elected to do.

  10. The bigger picture says:

    Amazing how everyone knows how qualified an individual is, for the job they hold. Im going to assume that none of you, are/were employees of Town of Salem or Village of Silver Lake or presently, Village of Salem Lakes. You have no clue on how any of them do their job, unless you are working with them. I would maybe suggest you ask any of the employees, on their opinion, on who is not qualified. It is not about the number of years served that qualifies you as the best, most efficient, for the position.

  11. The bigger picture says:

    Your right, it has always been “The Good Ole Boys”, it was who you knew and if I you do for me, I will repay you. This is how we got to where we are! There is huge growth happening around us. None of the ones who are representing us, has expirience handling a Village of this magnitude. Everyone is learning together, as we continue

  12. The bigger picture says:

    to grow. Its about keeping up with change, welcoming new ideas. No one cares about what was. Its in the past. We are all starting over. Face it, poor decisions were made by both sides in the past. As we grow, change will continue. Technology is always changing. With mentioning that, the ones who approve and handle the payroo, which the employee should not have to continously, week after week, know that the check he/she

  13. The bigger picture says:

    is receiving, for the job they do, is going to be screwed up, with either over paying, underpaying or not receiving a check at all. This my neighbors, is reality. This is our tax dollars at work. If mistakes are consistant, to where it affects the money coming in and going out for Village, you better wake up and not go by who is friends with who,

  14. The bigger picture says:

    Who has done this job longer or who has never done it. This should be held by someone who is willing and able to keep up with changing computor systems, employee hours, vacation time, comp time and ubove all, understand it. Be vigil in learning new changes before they take place, be it from the State, County or Local level. Be able to approach their boss, with updates or suggestions

  15. The bigger picture says:

    will better the Village and make everyones job a bit easier. No employee should have a Board, as their boss, the one they have to make sure that you stay on the good side of them. The only one who should report to the Board, is the Administrator. But this is not to say you should be that they have to report to the board, everything they do and the

  16. The bigger picture says:

    decisions he makes. This is why we hired an Administrator. He is the one who knows what is working and not working for us. Let him do the job he was hired for. ALL village employees and board members need to realize that he is the boss. He handles the day to day Village affairs. The board should be coming to him and

  17. The bigger picture says:

    finding out what the needs are, what is working, what is not. Asking him as for his expert input on what we need to improve and work WITH him. You elected officials have no clue as to day to day operations of our Village. If you yhink you do, your one ofthe “GOOD OLE BOYS”. Let him seek out the most qualified person for the job. You are not affected in the impact, of wondering if your paycheck is

  18. The bigger picture says:

    going to be correct or if you will even get one or even if the bills or payments into the Village, are handled correctly. So in closing, Let Pat, who we agreed to hire, to do a job, do it. The ancillary department heads, Highway Department, Fire/ Rescue, and Utilitt District, who do an amazing job and don’t get enough support or credit, for the many hours, over 40 per week, for the job they do.

  19. The bigger picture says:

    It’s time to change with the times. Disolve the Private ambulance service along with the safety officers, as this is a duplication of services. We have a fulltime Rescue and a fulltime Sherrif Dept. that we pay for. We’re not in Salem/Silverlake no more or the “Good ole Boys”
    Stop acting like it. Lets be proud of who we are.

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