Twin Lakes Police arrest three armed robbery suspects

Twin Lakes Police officers surrounded an apartment building and arrested three armed robbery suspects Thursday afternoon.

From a TLPD news release on the incident:

On Thursday, 6/22/2017 at 1:52 p.m. the Twin Lakes Police Department was dispatched to the 1700 block of Wilmot Ave in the Village of Twin Lakes to investigate the report of two male subjects who were robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of an apartment complex and had money stolen. The male victims, ages 15 and 18, reported that they were approached in the parking lot by two black males and one white male who showed the victims a firearm and demanded that they hand over cash and went through their vehicle. The suspects took approximately $270 in cash from the victims and told them not to alert authorities. During the investigation, a Twin Lakes Police Officer saw two male subjects exit a nearby apartment who matched the description the victims had provided. As the officer approached the subjects, they ran into a separate apartment building. Police surrounded the apartment building and took three male subjects into custody a short time later without incident. A firearm was later recovered from a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects. A 22-year old male from Chicago IL, a 21-year old male from Delevan, WI, and a 21-year old male from Burlington, WI were all arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and later transported to the Kenosha County Jail. Charges of Armed Robbery will be forwarded to the Kenosha County District Attorney.



  1. Citizen says:

    Good job TLPD!

  2. Shari says:

    Raise the rent and get rid of the riffraff

  3. Matt says:

    @Shari- Raising the rent will only invite more of them to live in one dwelling. You will then have twice the problems, unfortunately. We just have to learn to deal with the fact that we now live in a new age. You can move, but they will follow.

  4. Shari ???? Matt? says:

    Just where in the story did you get anything about the three suspects living in twin Lakes? How is raising the rent going to fix what happened here?

    Please respond and show that you actually put some thought into your post. Or at least post an apology for not understanding what you were reading.

  5. Anna Hoggard says:

    Thank you to the Twin Lakes police for a good job done It is so sad for this to happen here but itis all over the area and i feel the cculprit is drugs

  6. Matt says:

    I never said anything about raising the rent. But, I can promise you, those 3 thugs knew someone in that building. That building is filled with “undesirables”…FACT! They attract the “riff-raf”. Facts show that the cities are moving west. Waukegan used to be a great place to live. Same with Kenosha and Racine. I stated, raising the rent won’t do any good. There will be more of these crimes being committed, and there is nothing we can do. It’s a societal problem.

  7. Kale Dolfin says:

    Was this at Tan Oaks or Lakewood Apts?

  8. Kale Dolfin says:

    Re: Shari ???? Matt?

    “Just where in the story did you get anything about the three suspects living in twin Lakes?”

    The story states:

    “a Twin Lakes Police Officer saw two male subjects exit a nearby apartment who matched the description the victims had provided.”

    It stands to reason that a Twin Lakes Police Officer would not be dispatched outside of their Twin Lakes jurisdiction. And it’s reasonable to speculate that at least one of the perps existing the apartment lived there, unless they were all house guests.

    “How is raising the rent going to fix what happened here?”

    Low income housing is typically a magnet for crime. That may not be politically correct, but it’s reality.

    Conventional wisdom suggests that raising rents will require tenants who have to work in order to gain a higher income. A higher income reduces the need to engage in crime to acquire wealth, and having to spend 40 hours a week working leaves one with less time and energy to engage in criminal behavior.

    However, in the modern era, in many cases raising rents just increases the amount of rental assistance that some low income residents receive from the state.

    1. Regarding where the suspects live, the TLPD press release in this story states that the suspects are from Chicago, Milwaukee and Delavan.

  9. face reality says:

    Lets look at the facts, not all but quite a few people that live there are low income,single women with baby daddies that either spend alot of time there or over night and are from other parts of the county or out of state and bring drugs into the complex and as we all know drugs are the start of exactly what happend here easing rent actually wouldn’t work because the land lord would never rent a unit they really need to do a more thorough background check on the tenet and who ever would be frequently on the property or constant over nighters also have tlpd and county do a big swoop on drug enforcment

  10. Riffraff ??? says:

    Yes people are moving west out of the cities they lived in. Coming out here to the rural and semi rural areas. Trying to get away from the crime and blight. And it’s makes perfect sense that people they used to live by will come to visit.

    And if those visitors decide to commit crimes because they think our police are inept so be it. But they are not inept as we saw here. Also the ‘victims were just that, victims, because if they were also criminals getting ripped off by other criminals they wouldn’t have gone to the police.

    We all have thought or said at one time or another, ‘why don’t people move out of the cities to getaway from the crime and blight to improve their situation’ but then complain when that place is near them.

    They have to live in places like this which are below some people’s standards because that’s all they can afford right now. But I believe they are trying to improve their situation and will, otherwise they would have stayed where they were.

    So if you don’t like this riffraff why don’t you think about moving away from them on up to places like Lake Geneva. That is if you can afford it. But then the people there might then call you ‘riffraff’ as you struggle to live in a place where all you can afford is in the seedier part of town.

    Everything is relative, that is until your relatives come to visit.

  11. Riffraff 2.0 says:

    ‘Those’ people moved here because they see a better life here than there. And you want to push them back down?
    Why not blame the landlord? Isn’t it his fault for renting to them so cheap in the first place?
    Or maybe they live ‘here’ because they have menial jobs in lake Geneva and this is where they can afford to live and still drive to work.

    Again, if you don’t like what your town is becoming them move. And even though it’s still a free country, no matter where you go, you still have to pay the rent!

  12. Kale Dolfin says:

    “Regarding where the suspects live, the TLPD press release in this story states that the suspects are from Chicago, Milwaukee and Delavan.”

    Right, but anyone from Chicago, Milwaukee, or Delavan can rent an apartment in Twin Lakes, or be someone’s roommate.

    “Why not blame the landlord?”

    Because the landlord didn’t mug anyone.

  13. It's called sarcasm says:

    Kale. Yes it’s possible that the suspects do live here in twin Lakes and have yet to change their address is on the drivers licenses. Or they are shacking up here with friends. Who knows where they live?

    And I don’t blame the landlord. Though Everybody else seems to think that it’s his fault for having a cheap place for these types to come and rent. It isn’t his fault. He is the landlord. For all we know he owns million dollar homes on the lakes that he rents out too.
    ( Who knows maybe those million dollar rentals are for million dollar drug dealers Ha ha ha )

  14. Riffraffety says:

    It states they are from Chicago, Delavan and Burlington.

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