Village Board approves new streetlight for Bristol Ridge subdivision

Residents of a Bristol neighborhood will be getting a new streetlight thanks to action taken by the Village Board.

The board on Monday voted to approve the installation of a streetlight at the dead end of 130th Avenue in the Bristol Ridge subdivision.

Residents of the subdivision had approached the board about the streetlight, saying the area now is dark and is attracting people parking there at night.

“They thought it would be safer if there would be a light there,” village administrator Randy Kerkman said.

Crystal Lupi, a representative of the subdivision’s residents, said “It’s mostly a safety issue.”

Village President Mike Farrell said the village did receive a petition requesting the light from subdivision residents. Kerkman noted the two homeowners closest to the proposed light placement did sign the petition.

The new light will cost about $2,000, which is in the village budget, Kerkman said. The new light will match the style of the other streetlights in the subdivision.

Kerkman explained plans call for a passive use park to be at the end of the street, though that has not been developed at this point. The park will not have any designated or off-street parking.

“It’s going to be a while before that park is being used,” Kerkman said.


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