Bristol approves joint fire department efficiency study

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The Bristol Village Board on Monday kicked off what is expected to to be a cooperative effort by five Kenosha County municipalities to study improved efficiency in delivering fire and rescue services.

The Bristol Village Board unanimously approved a cooperative agreement for the procurement of a joint fire/rescue efficiency study to also include Paris, Salem Lakes and the town and village of Somers.

Bristol village administrator Randy Kerkman, who has been leading the effort to do the study, said while Bristol is the first municipality to approve pursuing the study, it has been under discussion for a while and he expects the other municipalities to also approve.

Cost sharing has been estimated at about $1/resident. That would be $5,000 for Bristol. Kerkman said the actual cost could be less.

Kerkman said the study will be designed to take a long range view.

“It may come out that there¬†are points that we can work toward or it may come out that were doing a really great job,” Kerkman said. Realistically, Kerkman said he expects there to be some recommendations worth following.



  1. Westosha Fire District? says:

    One fire department west of the i. One leader, one payroll, one tax. All stations equally funded for equipment and staff. Just as the Sheriff for policing! Merging departments, equals savings!

  2. Fire District says:

    This is the right thing to explore. Good job.

  3. please do the right thing.... says:

    Please have the City of Kenosha Fire Department run the county fire stations. If you allow a bunch of volunteers to run this it will turn into a mess. I’m sure all the retired fire guys in the county would love to be paid to consult on this, but do what’s right and ask another agency to handle these decisions.

  4. Just a Volunteer says:

    I would like to see everyone taxes increase if the city is required to have full-time staffing to run each of the county departments. Obviously you are completely blind to how much money us volunteers save you in tax dollars not having a regular salary, benefits, or a pension. Apparently you have no idea what politics exist between full-time and volunteer firefighters. Maybe you are the same person that thinks there should be a fire hydrant on each corner too! You should run for mayor, you seem like you are good at wasting money!

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