Highway 45 update June 2, 2017: Highway 45 and C intersection closes

Note: With the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we will be telling our readers what work took place on the Highway 45 project in the week just past and what is expected to take place in the coming week. Check back every Friday for the latest.

What happened this week (week of May 29) — US 45 and County C: Full closure began May 31. Sawcutting began at the intersection and base patching began around the intersection. Curb and gutter was staked out at County C. Cross culverts and storm sewer were installed at the intersection. Base patching on US 45 continued between County A2/WG and County Q. Permanent pavement marking was laid down at the US 45 and County A2/WG Intersection. Utilities are still working on relocations. Some conflicts were found at the US 45 and County C Intersection.

What’s expected for next week (week of June 5) — Base patching will begin on US 45 between County C and 86th Street.  Longitudinal joint repair will be performed on US 45 from County A2/WG to County Q. US 45 and County C: Signals will continue to be installed, curb and gutter will be slipped, loops and conduit will be installed.


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  1. Salem resident says:

    It is amazing how many people are still traveling East on C… past several barricades… assuming that they’ll be able to sneak on through. Sorry, the intersection at C and 45 is really closed. Several times the barricades have even been pushed off to the side as if that would change the outcome.

    And word to the motorcycle enthusiasts that are using desolate Hwy C as a race track: People still live along the road and do not need to hear you playing with your toys. Be adults. Or we will call for someone to explain it to you.

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