UPDATE: Power outage due to transmission feed failure

The wide spread power outage that Western Kenosha County is experiencing Saturday morning is due to a lost feed from American Transmission Co., a We Energies spokesperson said.

The outage is effcting over 11,000 We Energies customers and over 5,000 Alliant Energy customers in Kenosha County.

We Energies lost power to a local substation due to a problem with a feed from ATC, said Brian Manthey, We Energies spokseperson.

We Energies has crews in the area at about 9 a.m. trying to reroute power around that substation to restore local homes with power.

ATC is the compnay that builds and mantains the high voltage power transmission lines between substations in the area.

UPDATE 9:22 a.m. — Latest customer effected tally inj Kenosha County from We Energies is over 13,000 and over 5,000 for Alliant.


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