Twin Lakes passes ordinance requiring dogs on leashes in public

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If you have your dog off your own property in Twin Lakes, it should be on a leash, after the latest adjustment to village ordinances regarding animals at large.

The Village Board passed the ordinance change at last week’s regular board meeting.

The ordinance formerly had a provision to allow a dog to be off a leash, but be under voice control. That provision was struck, meaning a leash is required now.

The ordinance also requires a person be holding the leash, a provision added years ago to head off people trying to exploit a loophole by having a leash on the dog, but no one on the other end, said village President Howard Skinner.

The board also made another last minute change to strike language that prohibited pets on village beaches. The board instead wanted to allow animals anywhere in parks — even beaches — as long as they are on a leash.

The changes were approved unanimously.


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  1. Tastes Like Chicken says:

    Seems to me if Twin Lakes adopted the same ordinance for the Canadian geese problem, everyone would be happy. A “win win” for the community.

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