Randall to buy new patrol boat for Powers Lake

The Randall Town Board on Thursday approved the purchase of a new water patrol boat for use on Powers Lake.

The boat is expected to cost $30,805. It will be purchased from Twin Lakes Marine.

The new boat will replace a fiberglass hull bass boat with a 175 horsepower engine purchased new in 2010 for $31,900. The new boat will be a smaller, slower, more maneuverable boat with an aluminum hull and a 115 horsepower motor, said Tom Huffine, water patrol chief.

For now, the town will keep the smaller aluminum hull boat used to patrol Lake Benedict in service. That boat also was purchased in 2010.

The new boat will be paid for with funds from the pier fund, but the town intends to seek reimbursement for the purchase over five years from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as it has done in the past.

Huffine said in his opinion the boat being replaced was in good enough condition that the town should seek to sell it rather than trade it in on the new boat.

The purchase was approved unanimously.


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