Paddock Lake to extend enforcement date for ash tree removal

By Michael hunter (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Weather that did not favor a mass cutting of ash trees this winter has prompted the Paddock Lake Village Board to extend the time in which village property owners can have ash trees removed through the village’s ash tree removal assistance program.

The board discussed the extension at the Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

The village last year mailed out notices to 178 property owners of 445 total ash trees that are dead or dying from emerald ash borer and are close to village streets. The property owners were given until Dec. 31 to have the trees removed. Those property owners were able to apply to have the trees removed as part of a village program in which the village pays part of the cost. Trees not removed by the end of the year were to be removed by the village, and the cost assessed to the property owner.

The timing was driven by that mass removal of trees is facilitated by frozen solid ground over which a contractor can easily move heavy equipment without damaging underlying grass.

But the winter, especially the targeted month of February, was unseasonably warm, making the mass cut unfeasible.

“Mother nature just has not been our friend,” said village President Terry Burns.

The board discussed trying again next winter, in effect extenidng the time that property owners with ash trees would participate in the tree removal program through the end of 2017.

Village administrator Tim Popanda said another letter will go out to the effected property owners explaining the history of the situation and the options available.

The targeted ash trees are victims of emerald ash borer infestation. This not native insect pest damages the interior of ash trees, eventually killing them. There is no effective and cost efficient treatment to save ash trees once they are infested and the most common way of stopping the spread is to cut down infected trees.

Most of the ash trees in the village are located on the village’s west side.

More information on the village’s ash tree removal program is available here.


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