Salem Lakes adopts new boat launch fees

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The Salem Lakes Village Board enacted new boat launch fees at its regular meeting Monday night.

The action was needed because Salem Lakes predecessor municipalities — Salem and Silver Lake — each had different fees.

The new fees for all launches where a fee is collected will be:

  • Daily fees – Resident $5, non-resident $7.
  • Seasonal pass — Resident $20, non-resident $30.
  • Residents 65 years old and older will not be charged a launch fee.

Staff had originally proposed a fee for seniors. Some board members supported that idea by saying it was not onerous for someone who already was able to have a boat. But other board members, who ultimately prevailed, felt the senior discount was appropriate.

“I don’t know why we would want to continue to nickel and dime our seniors,” said Trustee Dan Campion, who introduced the free permit for resident seniors into the fee structure.

The new daily resident fees are lower than Silver Lake’s old fee of $7 and higher than Salem’s old fee of $3.



  1. Fees go unpaid says:

    Who is going to monitor whether or not boaters are paying fees? Go to any lake’s boat launch and watch how many Illinois boaters launch their boats and pay nothing. The honor system is not working and residents /taxpayers are paying the bill.

  2. But what's the alternative?? says:

    A simple trail cam could work, but then some one would have to look at it weekly and track license plates and then follow up with letters and such.

    Would end up costing more to enforce than what would be collected.

  3. Weekends or holidays says:

    What about hiring someone to collect fees on the weekend only? With the amount of boat traffic on the area lakes, this person’s salary would be more than covered. I am on the lake a couple times a week . I see the people launching their boats without paying a dime. I use to say something but it’s not worth the aggravation. Maybe one of the trustees should spend an hour or so when it gets warm watching the area boat ramps to see for themselves?

  4. Tim Foster says:

    Can’t they have a person from the silver lakes park or police/sheriff department (because they are always on the lake anyways) also collect fees at the launch.

    There is no box or indication that a fee or donation is suggested. How about a simple website that you prepay?

    I’m happy to donate my time if there is a point of contact please post it here.

    This beautiful lake must be preserved.

  5. Gene says:

    If you are a senior citizen, do you have to have a boat sticker for a lake that you are fishing on? Thank you just wondering.

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