Highway 45 Update May 5, 2017: Common excavation, back filling, driveway culverts

Note: With the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we will be telling our readers what work took place on the Highway 45 project in the week just past and what is expected to take place in the coming week. Check back every Friday for the latest.

What happened this week (Week of May 1) — Common excavation continued on the southbound side of US 45 up to County V. Then crews performed common excavation from County C to 86 th St. Milling piles were used to backfill the excavation. The storm sewer crew replaced driveway culverts on the southbound side of US 45. The crew was able to extend one cross culvert pipe and install an apron endwall. The detour for the full closure at County WG/A2 and US 45 is being prepared.

What’s expected for next week (week of May 8) — Common excavation will continue on the southbound side of US 45 heading from County C to 86 th Street. Milling piles will be used to backfill the excavation.  The storm sewer crew will return Wednesday and replace or extend apron endwalls at cross culverts if the water levels go down and will continue to replace driveway culverts. If possible, they will replace the cross culverts in the water levels are low enough. The intersection of County WG/A2 and US 45 will close on Wednesday at 6 a.m. The detour route will be in place prior to the 14 day closure.


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