County opposing release of new sex offenders into Wheatland house

Sheriff David Beth (center) and Wheatland town Chairman William Glembocki (right) address the media about a placement of two sex offenders in a home on Geneva Road (Highway 50) in Wheatland. The home is visible behind them.

Last May, Kenosha County officials were working on keeping two sexual offenders from being released to live in a house in Wheatland along Highway 50.

That case is still pending in the state Appeals Court. But the issue has not gone away.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth announced Friday at a press conference that the state Department of Health Services would like to place two other sex offenders — from LaCrosse and Milwaukee — to the same house in the 32200 block of Geneva Road (Highway 50) as is the subject of the case in the Appeals Court.

The county contends the latest placement also is inappropriate chiefly due to its proximity to parks, in this case a designated bike path that runs along the front of the property and a park along the Fox River.

Since the pending case is still unresolved, Beth said he is surprised to be dealing with this situation again.

“I am struggling with the fact that the prior case hasn’t been decided yet and they want to place two additional people here,” Beth said to reporters Friday, standing at a neighboring property with the subject house visible behind him.

Beth said the county’s objection to the placement was based on that the property’s neighbors are a senior couple on one side and a family with a young child on the other, that the offenders are not from Kenosha County and the state’s own statute on proximity to such a placement to a park.

The state statute says a placement will not be made within 1,500 feet of a park. Beth contends the bike path right out front and the park on the river, measured at 1,339 feet away, disqualify the Highway 50 property from housing sex offenders.

“By those two findings along, this house will not work,” Beth said, citing a report compiled by KCSD Detective Dave Smith.

Beth said his department’s findings have been shared with county corporation counsel and the district attorney, who will move the matter on to the state. Another challenge in court is possible.

“Like in the past, we’re going to fight the placement of sexual predators here,” Beth said.

Wheatland Town Chairman William Glembocki said given the property does not qualify under the state statute for sex offender placement, the town will be working to have the house “taken off the books” for such placements.

Mark Rogers, who lives next door with his family, said that this situation has arisen again is unfortunate and hard to understand.

“Personally, I don’t see how it is acceptable or how it’s even an option,” Rogers said about the placement.

Here is video of Beth’s comments:

Here is video of some of Roger’s comments:

Mark Rogers addresses reporters outside his home Saturday. He is standing in front of signs he displays on his property bringing attention to the proposed placement of two sexual offenders next door.

This park on Highway W along the Fox River is located 1,339 feet from the property where the state wants to place two sex offenders, says Sheriff David Beth. State Statutes prohibit placement of sex offenders less than 1,500 feet from a park.


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  1. Behind which curtain? says:

    Behind which curtain? Where are the voices and the actions of the legislators WHO could act and haven’t? We see them as Front Page News (Snap On) items when they are the ride-alongs and wave riders who had nothing at all to do with the Presidential visit but absent, hiding, standing behind the sheltering curtain, when the issues that they, themselves, have created come to the forefront. The placement, the jailing, the sentencing is all legislative! Right now, if you are a drunk or a sex predator in Wisconsin, you do a penance, not a sentence and the rest of us have to assume the role of jailor and where next door neighbors are the prison wardens! Lock them up, lengthen the sentence and stop this ‘placement’ business. Stop the need for communities to create predator placement ordinances. Get to the root of the issue. Jail them and if we dont have the prisons, build them!

    The only one outside the curtain here, is Dave Beth and I sure hope that people remember this when it comes election time! Be sure to remember it! Make the first question at the town halls, the door knocking, the glad handing, “What have you done in your role about the Sex Predator issue?” and then wait. If they avert the question, ASK IT AGAIN. Stay on track! The only way this issue stops is if we get the right person in office to do the job.

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