Twin Lakes Village Board may drop voice control provision from animals at large ordinance

A provision of the Twin Lakes village ordinance on animals at large that allows for pets to not be on a leash if they are under voice control may be eliminated.

The board discussed the domesticated animals running at large ordinance at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting. It was the second consecutive meeting they had discussed the matter after a resident complained about dogs running loose at West Side Park (Spiegelhoff and Musial roads) and there being no signage saying the practice was prohibited.

On Monday, village President Howard Skinner, who was not at the previous meeting, said he felt the matter was settled in the current ordinance, which reads as follows:

7.24.030 Domesticated Animals Running At Large- Penalty “Prohibited. No person who owns or possesses a domesticated animal shall permit such animal to run at large. “Run at Large” means the presence of a domesticated animal at any place except upon the premises of the owner, unless it is on a leash held by a person, or on voice control, physically able to control the domesticated animal. For purposes of this Section, a domesticated animal on voice control must be no further than five (5) feet from its owner or possessor.”

Skinner said he felt given the ordinance’s language a resolution to the recent complaint was to post a sign at West Side Park.

Other trustees agreed, but Trustee Barbara Andres said she wanted to see the ordinance modified to eliminate the voice control provision. A dog was not truly under control unless someone had physical control over it, she said. Trustee Tom Connolly also voiced support for eliminating that provision. No one voiced opposition to the change.

Skinner said the board would consider the ordinance change at a future meeting.

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald said he would like to see the board consider creating a small fenced dog park within West Side Park, where dogs could run free. That idea didn’t seem to gain much support and others pointed out the county has a dog park as part of KD County Park at the northeast Twin Lakes village limit. But Skinner said Fitzgerald should raise the possibility at budget time for additional discussion if he wished.



  1. Kale Dolfin says:

    How about the one person who complained doesn’t go to the park?

  2. Kari DeServi says:

    How about the Village Board focus on the ordinances of animals roaming free WITHOUT their owner near? This is more of an issue in the village than a dog who can listen to their owner and retrieve when necessary. I have cats and dogs roaming my neighborhood on occasion. Dogs are easier to catch than the cats. The cats are a nuisance and should be leashed in an owners yard just like dogs. This should be addressed further…not changing an ordinance because one person out over 6,000 residents has an issue.

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