Salem Lakes to have separate clerk and treasurer positions

The Salem Lakes Village Board split the office of clerk/treasurer into separate clerk and treasurer positions.

The action was taken at a special meeting Wednesday, with Trustee Bill Hopkins voting no and village President Diann Tesar not casing a vote. Trustee Laura Francart was absent, but excused.

The new arrangement will be more like Salem, where there was a separate clerk and treasurer. Silver Lake had a combined position.

At the time of the merger of Salem and Silver Lake into Salem Lakes in February, Cindi Dulaney was the Salem town clerk, Chris Lamb the Salem town treasurer and Vicki Galich the Silver Lake village clerk/treasurer.

Since the merger, Galich has continued to serve in her position while Dulaney and Lamb are still employed by the village.

The board on Wednesday did not appoint individuals to fill the new offices. Tesar said appointment required a 60-day waiting period.

Hopkins said he did not object to the splitting of the clerk/treasurer office into two positions but he did object to the new position reporting directly to the Village Board. Instead, he felt they should report to the village administrator.

“That’s micro managing,” Hopkins said. “I do not believe they should be reporting to the Village Board.”

Hopkins’ position seemed to be supported by Trustee Bob Raymond who said “We’re not here on a daily basis; Pat (Casey, village administrator) is.” However, Raymond made the motion to approve the split with the reporting to the board aspect and voted for it.

Having the treasurer and clerk report directly to the board was defended by other board members.

“It worked for the town of Salem for a long time to have some independence,” said Trustee Ted Kmiec.




  1. Concerned says:

    Are you clueless? Who said it worked Kmiec? It worked for who?

  2. Concerned says:

    Are all of you clueless? “It worked for the town of Salem” Worked for who? Who told you it worked? Was it the one that was to report to the board? Wow! It didn’t work. Isn’t that why the board hired and Administrator too many bosses too many in power . Too many cooks spoil the soup. Trustee Hopkins is completely right and it sounds as though He is the only one that did his homework!

  3. It only works says:

    It only works when the clerk and the treasurer report to the people in an elected position. These two entities do the people’s work, not the work of the board or the administrator. If they don’t the electors can vote in a new person to do the job in a manner they wish it to be done. If they do the job, then elections should not prove a problem to them. Is the job hard? No. Is it without guidance? No. Are their rules? Yes. Does the clerk or the treasurer work for the board? Yes only in their capacity of electors, not as bosses. Is having two people, both elected a good thing for monitoring the money of the village? Yes, that is why there are two positions, not one. Is the clerk the secretary for the board? No. If you need a secretary, hire one. Is the clerk to be indebted to any one board member? No, which is why they are normally elected? Should the clerk play favorites? No, but will if they are simple employees which is what appointed clerks and treasurers are? High time that the electors get their elected clerk back and an elected treasurer back and now is the best time to do it. Just in time for the next April election. The idea that the Salem board took away the rights of the citizens and thinks that it is working fine is wrong. By the way, it costs more to have an employee clerk – salary and benefits. And there is little accountability because neither will have one boss. They will have 7. That means that only a few on the board need to be ‘taken care of’ and all the others can go scratch. Elected positions are leaner, meaner and more citizen friendly because the citizens are the boss and elections come once every 2 years. At least the board split up the jobs so that one person doesn’t have their hands on $5 million or so floating dollars.

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