Salem Lakes schedules special meeting for Wednesday; discussion of Public Safety on agenda

The Salem Lakes Village Board will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, April 26 at 7 p.m. at Salem Town Hall 9814, Antioch Road, Salem.

The agenda includes eight items for discussion and possible action.

Included on the agenda is  continued discussion on suspension of the Public Safety Department and/or Water Patrol.

The agenda also includes an ordinance to divide the office of clerk/treasurer into individuals offices and allow for the appointment of each. Silver Lake, from which the new village has acquired much of its structure, had a combined position. Salem had a separate clerk and treasurer. Both Silver Lake and Salem positions were appointed.

Here is the entire agenda.


One Comment

  1. Hire Jack & David says:

    Make Jack full time. He can do all the code enforcement needed.

    Then hire part time Sheriff deputies for lake duty and be done.

    A guy with out a gun to tell you to mow your lawn or tow your car and guys with guns and the power to arrest drunks on the lakes.

    Both issues solved and Jack gets 40.

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