Twin Lakes establishes public records request policy

tl-logoThe Twin Lakes Village Board passed a public records request policy at its regular meeting Monday.

Before that, the village did not have a full policy on how to handle fulfilling public records requests, said village administrator Jennifer Frederick. Village counsel recommended one be adopted.

The policy establishes charges for staff time for documents over 25 pages and for documents requested in print form. Electronic delivery of requests under the 25 page mark would be free of charge, Frederick said.

Other highlights of the policy include:

  • All requests for public records must be submitted in writing to the Village Clerk’s attention. Requests may be anonymous.
  • The Village Clerk may involve the Administrator, Accountant/Treasurer, and/or Deputy Clerk to assist as they are designated Public Officers.
  • Single-sided copies: $0.25/page; Double-sided copies: $0.30/page.
  • Copies and scanning efforts under 25 pages will have no staff time charged. Over 25 pages, staff time will be charged to the nearest quarter of an hour at the rate of the lowest-paid employee capable of performing the task.
  • Electronic records will be provided electronically at no charge. Printing of electronic records will be subject to the photocopying costs.
  • Actual cost of postage will be charged to the person requesting the records.
  • Costs projected over $5 may require a deposit, as determined by the Village Clerk.
  • Village Clerk can waive costs at his/her discretion.

The full policy (in the draft form presented to the board Monday) is available here.


One Comment

  1. Tina Jones says:

    Obviously a question for me to pose to Twin Lakes personnel, but: Why would such a detailed pricing policy be set up, if the village clerk can waive such costs “at his/her discretion”?

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