One injured in accidental shooting at gun club

One person was injured in an accidental shooting at a shooting range in Bristol Saturday.

A Sheriff’s Department statement said deputies and Bristol Fire and Rescue personnel responded at about 10:56 a.m. to a conservation club in the 21300 block of 85th Street in Bristol for a report of a subject injured after being accidentally shot.

When they arrived, deputies found a 64-year-old Kenosha male subject suffering from a shotgun wound to his abdomen.  The subject was injured at the trap shooting range on the facility.

The investigation determined that a 72 years old man from Elk Grove Village, Illinois had been shooting a 20 gauge shotgun that  malfunctioned.  He had tried to clear that malfunction and the firearm discharged.  That shot then struck the victim who was approximately 20 feet away.

The victim was taken to Froedert Hospital with serious injuries.

Charges related to the incident were referred to the District Attorney’s Office for the 72 year old, the sheriff’s department statement said.



  1. Donnie says:

    There is no thing as an accidental shooting. Zero tolerance on that term. Keep muzzle pointed in safe direction. I seriously have to bite my tongue in this. If you have a firearm in your hand. Your 100 percent responsible for what comes out the end of that gun PERIOD!

  2. Charles Kingsley says:

    I have been shooting my entire life, from the age of 5. I have never seen a person shot at a range, however it should never happen. From day one, I and
    many others are given instructions on safety of guns. If the gun was jammed even more reason not to have pointed at another person.
    Always treat the gun as loaded, and therefore don’t point the gun at anything you would not want to shoot.

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