Highway 45 Update April 7, 2017: Clearing, grubbing, milling

Milling in the southbound lanes. /WisDOT photo

Milling in the southbound lanes. /WisDOT photo

Note: We are introducing a weekly feature starting today that we will call Highway 45 Update. With the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, we will be telling our readers what work took place on the Highway 45 project in the week just past and what is expected to take place in the coming week. Check back every Friday for the latest.

What happened last week — From County A2/WG to 86th Street, crews completed clearing and grubbing, along with completing milling on the southbound lanes. The rain did affect production for the contractors and utilities.

What’s expected for next week — Grading for permanent shoulder widening is scheduled to begin from County C to 86th Street on the west side of US 45. Pavement markings on US 45 at County C will be ground down, then replaced by temporary pavement markings. Reminder: Non-local traffic should not make left turns from County C onto US 45.

Here’s a link to the project’s page on the state transportation department’s website.

Clearing grubbing operations. /WisDOT photo

Clearing and grubbing operations. /WisDOT photo


One Comment

  1. Russ says:

    The state told us at their meetings that the road would remain open from Hwy 50 to Hwy C until the section from Hwy C to the state line was completed. Now in the second week of the project they have completely closed the road from AH to C.

    It would be really nice if they did what they said they would do. There is no signage to tell local traffic how they should proceed to get to and from their homes and local businesses. Police are pulling people over who are local residents. The elderly are trapped with no explanation of how they should be getting from their homes off Hwy 45 to where they need to go.

    The state DOT and the contractor need to get things in order here!

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