Salem Lakes orders no wake on village lakes

Salem Lakes village President Bruce Nopenz has ordered no wake for all village lakes.

Typically such orders are made in times of high water levels due to a large amount of rain and/or snow melt.

Allowing boats to continue to travel fast enough to produce a wake when lake levels are high can cause shorline erosion.



  1. where does it say ALL LAKES on the order says:

    Where does it say, that there is a slow, no wake on all the lakes in Village of Salem Lakes. The citation was for Silver Lake. There was no statement for the other lakes – Camp Lake, Center Lake, Cross Lake, Voltz Lake, Hooker Lake, Montgomery ? Rock Lake is under special no wake all the time.

    I read the release. There is a Trustee responsible for Parks. That Trustee, an elected official, not an appointed chair of Parks, should be the second on this. Is there a wonder that the Village of Silver Lake managed to exist as long as they did?

  2. Jim Fergus says:

    Ordinance states Silver Lake not all lakes.

    The last comment was correct

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