Spring Election 2017: Salem Lakes village president results

Early results in the Salem Lakes village president election show former Salem town Chairman Diann D. Tesar leading former Silver Lake President Bruce Nopenz to become the first directly elected president for the new village created in February by the merger of Salem and Silver Lake.

Preliminary results with 3 of 3 polls reporting at about 8:40 p.m. show Tesar 1,376 (71%) to Nopenz 566 (29%).


One Comment

  1. Let's Hope says:

    Let’s Hope that Diane has learned her lessons in regards to running a board and supervising an administrator.

    Last time around she lost site of her surroundings and bad things happened.

    Second chances don’t come around often. Make the best of yours Diane and as a very smart man said many years ago, “trust but verify”. You can trust your people but only as far as you can throw them. Keep tight reins or it will be a very short tenure.

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