Obregon sentenced to life in prison

Andrew Obregon, 34, of Brighton, was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for the homicide of Tywon Anderson.

The sentence was issued by Judge Chad Kerkman at a hearing Tuesday morning in Kenosha.

Obregon also was sentenced by Kerkman for armed robbery, fleeing law enforcement officers and attempted homicide, with sentences to be served concurrently with the life sentence. Obregon pleaded guilty to those charges from an original list of over 30 he faced just before his trial was set to begin in January.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department conducted an intense search for Obregon in connection with the 2015 murder of Anderson after Obregon led police on a high speed chase through Paris and into Racine County on Oct 2, 2015. He again led deputies on a chase overnight on Oct 3 into Oct. 4, 2015 after a smash and grab burglary at one convenience store and an armed robbery at another. He was sighted again on Oct. 6, 2015. In all of those cases Obregon ultimately escaped efforts to capture him. He ultimately was captured on Oct. 13, 2015 in Lake County, Ill after another chase that started in Brighton where a woman surprised Obregon, who was squatting in a Brighton home. He assaulted her and stole her car.

Obregon’s attorneys on Tuesday started out the hearing with a request to adjourn the sentencing because Obregon was considering withdrawing his guilty pleas. They said this was just made known to them the day before and the defense team needed time to react.

District Attorney Michael Graveley argued against an adjournment and Kerkman agree that the sentencing should go on, pointing out that there were several weeks between when the plea deal was made in January and the night before the sentencing.

In arguing for a sentence that would ensure that Obregon never left prison, Graveley said Obregon’s “once in a generation crime spree” not only left one man dead and a woman severely injured, but also destroyed the peace of mind and sense of safety of many who live in Western Kenosha County.

Obregon’s crime spree “literally terrified persons in portions of this county,” Graveley said.

The severity of the injuries suffered by the woman he surprised and then assaulted in a Brighton home in which he was hiding out proved Obregon was a danger to the community, Graveley said.

“I suggest the message of deterrence must be clear and the community must be protected,” Graveley said.

Obregon attorney Kristyne Watson asked for a 35-year prison term and said that Obregon killed Anderson in self defense. As for the extended period of eluding police efforts to at first talk to him about the case then later to arrest him for it, Watson said it was due to Obregon’s “very strong flight response” fueled by “adrenaline, fear, panic and unfortunately a crack addiction.”

Watson pointed out that with a 35-year sentence, Obregon would be 70 at the time of his release and would have been able to receive extensive treatment while in prison.

Kerkman rejected the defense argument that Obregon was remorseful. He also rejected the idea that others — law enforcement, the media, the court — had blown the case up out of proportion.

“It’s your fault, you did what you did, it’s not law enforcement’s fault,” Kerkman said. “It’s no one’s fault but your own … I have other people to think about in the community other than just you. … You have been characterized as a good father, but a good father does not use cocaine as much as you do, a good father does not murder people.”

Obregon declined an opportunity to formally address the court. However while Kerkman and Watson discussed a point about the sentence for one of the non-homicide charges, Obregon did say “I’ve got life in f****** prison, what does it matter?” As he was led out of the courtroom, Obregon also shouted a personal insult at Kerkman.

When entering and exiting the courtroom, Obregon looked at and spoke to the front gallery row of his family, friends and supporters. “Love you guys,” Obregon said both times.

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