Spring Election 2017: Salem School referendum

Voters in the Salem School District will be able to vote in a referendum on Tuesday, April 4.

The district is asking voters to approve the district exceeding the state imposed revenue limit for three years on a non reoccurring basis for a total of $3 million.

District officials have said the referendum is needed to:

  • Maintain current programs and the facility.
  • Maintain current classroom head counts and help open enrollment efforts.
  • Build the district’s fund balance in order to avoid short-term borrowing.

Due to recent efforts to pay down debt early, district officials point out the referendum is not expected to increase the district tax rate over the term of the referendum and there may even be a decrease.

Here is video of district administrator David Milz giving a presentation to the Paddock Lake Village Board about the referendum:

Here is video of school board member Shane Gerber advocating for passage of the referendum at the same meeting:

The district has posted information about the referendum at its website.


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