Spring Election 2017: Paris supervisor no. 2 candidate questionnaire answers

Voters in Paris will be able to vote in a contested election for Paris supervisor no. 2 in the spring election on Tuesday, April 4.

Each candidate was sent the same request for biographical information and a set of questions. Following are their answers:

Scott Kirschner — Age: 43. Education: Attended Northern Illinois University. Occupation: Broker/Owner ProWise Realty. Previous elected/appointed public office: Elected to the Southshore Realtors Association Board Of Directors. Serve on the SRA government affairs committee. Do you live inside any of the expansion areas that could end up annexed into Kenosha or Somers? I live in Paris. Thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens, everybody that wants to stay in Paris can stay in Paris for a very long time. My wife and I intend to raise our 7 month old baby, Jack, in Paris as we love the school, the people, and the rural feel. Based on the last map, Jack will be in his 50’s when our property becomes Kenosha.

Ken Monson — Age: 57. Education: 5 year EST sheet metal service apprenticeship. Occupation: Supervisor for the Town of Paris. Previous elected/appointed public office: Appointed Paris Plan Commission 1989, appointed town board 2000, elected town board 2001-present. Do you live inside any of the expansion areas that could end up annexed into Kenosha or Somers? No

1.) Why did you decide to run for Paris supervisor?

Kirschner — I decided to run for Town Board Supervisor because I know I can unite Paris. I like to talk to people, I’m a good listener, I’m intelligent and well informed, and I take the time to hear all sides of an issue. With everything that has happened recently, there is a feeling of an “us versus them” mentality. Many small towns across America endure old grudges and a perception of favoritism. Paris is no exception. As I go door-to-door, people are optimistic that change is possible. Whether you own 1 acre or 100 acres, I will treat you fairly. Residents, by electing me, you will re-unite Paris.

Monson — For approximately 30 years I have been involved with the operation of the town of Paris. Starting with committees and being a charter member of the Paris fire department and now for 16 years the town board. I would like to continue to serve the residents and see that Paris thrives and remains a great place to live.

2.) Why are you the best choice for Paris supervisor?

Kirschner — I am the best choice as I want to represent all the residents of Paris. As a former S&P Futures Trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and as a current Real Estate Broker/Owner in the area, I bring a unique skill set to the Board. I’m great with numbers. My communications skills are top notch. And above all, I’m motivated to serve Paris residents effectively. With negotiations being an integral part of my day-to-day business, I have a unique way of finding consensus with those that feel at odds. I also serve on the SRA Government Affairs Committee, so I understand the implication politics and local government can have on a community. I will bring this unique skill set to the office of Town Board Supervisor and serve my neighbors well.

Monson — I think my experience speaks for itself. I came up thru the ranks and have been involved in virtually every aspect of town business. Finance, contracts, land planning and fire protection to name a few. The town of Paris deserves a person with a vision for the future and someone that has the best interests of the town in mind. My opponent has lived in Paris a very short time with no real sense of direction for where the town needs to go to continue being the great place that it is. His idea of depleting town reserves and distributing the money to the residents is self serving and short sighted. These are not qualities this town needs in a supervisor.

3.) How do you feel the negotiations with Kenosha and Somers should proceed?

Kirschner  — Well there has been no new information released to the public since the press conference last year. I know that Paris has some of the most desirable land in Wisconsin. Kenosha has the water and sewer that would allow Paris to develop strategically and is willing to do a 50 year boundary agreement that will protect Paris from any further Kenosha annexations. Somers brings very little to the table besides being a Village. My understanding is the Town of Paris will only have access to sewer and water in the expansion area which could prove to be short sighted. The Current Board references the fact that Paris doesn’t generate revenue through the taxation of property, and pays 75% of the County property taxes for all property owners in Paris. Although true, there are other ways to generate revenue from development that does not require splitting revenues after expenses 50/50 with Somers. A fresh prospective is what Paris needs, once elected I will evaluate any current proposal, and I will not be afraid to start from scratch if it’s in the best interest of Paris. Vote Scott Kirschner on April 4th.

Monson — We should continue on the path that has been agreed to. After all involved parties sign the agreements and state approval is granted, we will have permanent boundaries and a partnership we can all be proud of.




    In 2012, the current Town Board argued the Town of Paris could no longer afford to pay 100% of Kenosha County Real Estate Taxes for Paris residents.
    The Town of Paris “only” had $16 Million in the bank so the Town Board decided to make residents pay 25%.

    Source: The Town of Paris website.

    As of 2016, we have $21.6 Million in the bank and residents are still paying 25%.
    Source: The Town of Paris website.




    Despite the liability, the current Town Board is conducting joint workshops with the planning commission to allow development.


    As long as the Town of Paris continues to contribute towards Kenosha County Real Estate Taxes, every new home will be a new LIABILITY for the Town.

    I’ve seen nothing in regards to how much this will cost the Town because they don’t want us to know – better we stay ignorant, just like the IGA.

  3. WHEN DID WE AGREE? says:

    Mr. Monson,

    Please put the IGA to a vote of the Paris residents. Explain it’s virtues and then you can honestly say that WE “should continue on the path that has been agreed to”.

    By continuing before “we” agree, you are not involving us.

  4. Northwestern Mike says:

    When did we agree!

    You don’t get it.

    Residents agreed to the IGA when they elected these Town Supervisors to represent them.

  5. Nothing New in Paris says:

    Mike, That’s so wrong. Yes they were elected. Elected to represent the people. The entire town, not just part. They tried to sneak it through. You know that.

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