Spring Election 2017: Paris clerk-treasurer candidate questionnaire answers

Voters in Paris will be able to vote in a contested election for Paris clerk/treasurer in the spring election on Tuesday, April 4.

Each candidate was sent the same request for biographical information and a set of questions. Following are their answers:

Nicole Collins — Age: 25. Education: High School Diploma. Occupation: Hostess at Cracker Barrel. Previous elected/appointed public office: N/A. Do you live inside any of the expansion areas that could end up annexed into Kenosha or Somers? I live in Paris.

Beverly McCumber — Age 58. Education: No answer provided. Occupation: Clerk-Treasurer, Town of Paris. Previous elected/appointed public office: First election position. Appointed in August 2010 and first elected in April 2011. Do you live inside any of the expansion areas that could end up annexed into Kenosha or Somers? I live approximately 1 mile west of the expansion area.

1.) Why are you running for clerk- treasurer?

Collins — I am running for clerk treasurer to help the residents in Paris feel more welcomed and to try help the community get updates on what is going on. There have been many times on the webpage I have tried to find information or to see meeting minutes and there was nothing or it would send me to a blank page. Some of our roads, that are in serious need of attention are being completely ignored. Most of all I feel the need for someone with a new perspective to attempt to improve on communication of goings on in the Paris community with its residents. Also some people don’t use electronics or cant go to meetings for the town. I feel a monthly news letter would benefit these people by being mailed out and that would be very beneficial.

McCumber — My husband and I have lived in Paris more than 25 years. I have served as the Clerk-Treasurer for more than six years. During that time, I have gotten to know many of the residents and have become very familiar with the rich history of family tradition that is so important to our town. I am running for another term as Clerk-Treasurer because I enjoy working with the residents of Paris. I am proud and honored to serve.

2.) Why are you the best choice for Paris clerk-treasurer?

Collins — I feel I can help improve this community.

McCumber — My training, experience and dedication make me the best candidate for the position.




    In 2012, the current Town Board argued the Town of Paris could no longer afford to pay 100% of Kenosha County Real Estate Taxes for Paris residents.
    The Town of Paris “only” had $16 Million in the bank so the Town Board decided to make residents pay 25%.

    Source: The Town of Paris website.

    As of 2016, we have $21.6 Million in the bank and residents are still paying 25%.
    Source: The Town of Paris website.



  2. Nothing New in Paris says:

    You have proven that you serve the board, not the residents. Time for a change. Vote Collins!

  3. Northwestern Mike says:

    25 years old and a High school diploma?

    Where do you live in Paris?
    How long have you lived in Paris?
    Have you voted in Paris?

  4. Why Why Why ??? says:

    Full disclosure; I don’t live in Paris. But if I did…..

    Why are you paying ANY of the county portion in TAXES ??

    This is so un-equitable that it’s not even funny. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single family home owner or a multi-million dollar business, you guys over there pay the county tax.

    I can so completely understand why you don’t have a town tax bill. You have other income. But the town tax is to pay for town services and expenses. For PROPERTY owners in the TOWN!

    As a town resident, taxpayer and property owner you have no control over the county’s budget,(other than who you vote for in county government).
    And the county’s portion of the tax bill (like Paris) is tied to what and how much you own. So the bigger places (not to be confused with the richer people) get more relief. How is that fair??

    As a Paris resident, you get your same roads plowed as your neighbor and everything else the town is obligated to do so the services for the most part are equally distributed. Sheriff’s patrol is the same and so many other things are equal to everybody who lives and works in the town.

    But when you get a tax bill from the county and send that money off to Kenosha what are you really getting for it? What does a business get in return for that big bill? What services and benefits from the county does a big business get more of to justify the average Paris home owner subsidizing the larger land owners and businesses? ( The whole point of having development is to have those bigger businesses pay more in taxes so you the residents don’t have too.)

    What should happen is, STOP paying any of the county’s portion and instead give a “EQUAL” rebate to the property owner for the land portion only of their property. Everyone should get the same pennies per square foot of land as their neighbor. More land More penny’s. But not for more buildings!

    And what’s wrong with making 20 million last as long as possible? Do you think the Dump income will never stop? And as development comes so do more county tax bills to pay!

    You people who want the town to pay your county tax, why not just ask them to buy you a new car.

  5. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear why, why, why,
    Why don’t you move to Paris and enjoy the benefit?

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